It is coming up to winter and the weather is getting colder, now is the time to source high-quality firewood in Auckland. Here at A1 Sure Services, we have premium firewood guaranteed to burn. However, once you have the wood, how do you store it?

If you are seasoned at buying firewood and storing it, then you probably have a few tips and tricks of your own. Firewood storage is an art that has been honed throughout the centuries by multiple different cultures. Systems that have been developed to cultivate dry, high-quality firewood ready to burn.

Leaving your firewood in a pile under a tarp can often cause more harm than good. How you store your firewood is purely situational. Dependant on space and need. Fundamentally, you should always aim to create airflow and places for moisture to escape.

In this article, we will discuss some of the prominent techniques and tips for firewood stacking.

Choose a sunny/ aerated location

Properly stored firewood will burn faster for longer. One of the most prominent tips in firewood storage is choosing a suitable location. Ideally, this will be a sunny, north-facing spot with good airflow. This will keep the firewood nice and dry during the cold winter months.


The firewood can soak up moisture from the ground and it may also encourage insects. Inevitably, this can cause the wood to rot. Keeping the stack elevated can encourage airflow from below.

This can be easily done using some pallets. Sturdy with good airflow from the gaps, it provides the perfect base.

Create shelter

Protecting your wood from harsh rain is essential for keeping your wood dry this winter. Whether you already have a shed available, are looking to build a DIY roof or have a tarp handy – it is integral to protect the bulk of your firewood from above.

One of the main things to ensure is that the firewood is not covered from all sides. This goes back to our previous point about airflow. Air needs to penetrate the wood in order to dry it out.

Try a new technique

If your current woodpile is in the standard straight line, your wood may not be drying well enough. Trying a new technique could be the answer.

Crisscrossed pattern

One of the more well-known methods is creating a crisscrossed pattern. Similarly to Jenga, you lay the wood with small gaps between them in one direction.

You then place the next layer in the other direction. This creates substantial airflow throughout the stack. It is especially beneficial for smaller amounts of wood.

Scandinavian style

If you have a larger amount of space available and a decent collection of wood, this is a great option! Established from the experts in wood storing, it involves storing the wood like a hut.

First, you mark out a circle in the sunniest part of your yard. You then use the large, uniformed pieces and lay them side by side around the circumference. Placing any off-cuts or smaller pieces into the centre.

Finally, add the remaining pieces across the centre of the pile. For added protection and during the wetter months, you can easily place a tarp over the top. It is a great way to store firewood as it creates good airflow while keeping the wood protected from the elements.

 The secrets to stacking wood like a Norwegian

Where do you buy firewood in Auckland?

At A1 Sure Services, we have high-quality firewood in Auckland, North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland and East Auckland available for sale.

Our Hotmix consists of multiple types of firewood that are slow-burning and ready to go. As firewood suppliers, we take pride in delivering exceptional, seasoned wood perfect for log burners, open fireplaces, fire pits or even open fires.

We can deliver the wood straight to your doorstep. Our small delivery trucks are able to take 6 cubes at a time and navigate all sorts of driveways. Set on a tipped truck, the wood is delivered as a small pile that will be ready to put away.

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