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Our Story

A1 Sure Services has been operating since 2001, providing a full range of professional tree services from tree removal, planting, pruning, stump grinding, landscaping and a range of Arboricultural services including tree assessment and consulting. Our friendly team is dedicated to keeping your trees and gardens looking their very best. We have the experience and equipment to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Over 90% of our customers come from referrals, no job is too big nor too small for us here at A1 Sure Services. From tree removal to regular maintenance, when you book with us, you can be confident that you’ll receive the very best service. Join our long list of happy customers today!

Our Values

  • The safety of our team and the public is our top priority. We don’t take short cuts or take unnecessary risks.
  • Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We value and respect our environment. We make sure that we conduct ourselves in a way that is reflective of this.
  • We remove defective and undesirable trees in a safe, professional and efficient manner.
  • No job is too big or too small for us.
  • Join the A1 Sure Services Movement. Over 90% of our customers come from referrals.

Lighting Your Firepit With Firewood 101

There’s nothing like the peaceful ambience that comes with burning firewood within your firepit on a clear evening. Setting the perfect scene for any nighttime entertainment or tranquillity, you’ll want to take full advantage of your fire pit every night this winter.

Why Does Firewood Snap, Crackle and Pop?

As an integral part of human evolution, firewood has played its role in developing humans as species for millions of years. What was once a vital part of survival has now become part of winter comfort in modern times.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Firewood

It’s that time of the year when firewood becomes our best friend! During winter, there’s nothing cosier than laying back in front of a fireplace and keeping warm. Only a few things are more nostalgic than wood-burned fire, especially when you catch a waft of it blowing through the air outside.

Why Hazardous Tree Removal Is Essential Before Winter

Hazardous tree removal should be on your mind regardless of the time of year. However, winter is a particularly crucial season due to the change in weather and temperature. Getting in contact with A1 Sure Services is your sure way to secure your property and the safety of others this winter.

Why Do You Need An Arborist With Insurance?

If you’re searching for an Auckland arborist, there are a few things you’ll want to verify. While it seems to be a simple job of cutting down trees or trimming branches, tree services are not risk-free, and you should be prepared for the very rare chance that something goes sideways.

Why Palm Tree Removal Requires A Specialist

Palm tree removal may seem harsh considering how beautiful these trees are, but they are a necessary step for safety reasons and certain land developments. Palm trees don’t follow the same rules as regular tree removal and they can be difficult to remove. They require...

Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Several benefits can arise from tree pruning. Tree pruning is a necessary task that needs to be done to ensure your trees remain healthy and the environment stays safe.  Many may believe that tree pruning is a simple task that anyone can do, but you should reach out...

Why Large Tree Removal Can Be Essential

Are you wondering whether you need to remove a large tree from your property? You may not think it’s necessary but here we will explain why large tree removal can be essential.  There is no doubt that trees can be beautiful. Adding shade and privacy to your property...

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Professional Arborist?

Not only is hiring a professional arborist the safest option when it comes to tree removal, stump grinding or tree pruning, but they also have all the right tools and know-how for completing the job. At A1 Sure Services we provide professional tree services in the North Shore, Auckland-wide to ensure the safe and proper removal and care of your trees.

Can You Remove A Protected Tree?

As the perfect guide for you, this blog will go through the most common types of protected trees. We will also delve into the rules regarding removing protected trees and how we go about removing them.

Stu responded quickly to my initial inquiry to quote some tree removals and to top trees that were restricting our views. His quote was reasonable, and he juggled his schedule to facilitate my schedule. His crew were on site promptly (early actually) – and did a great job. Really happy with their professionalism and the great results. 

Exceptional service and delivered so professionally. Can’t remember when we last had this first class service. Knowledgeable, professional and everything you could ever want. Job was executed in a timely matter and very clean tidy up. Only wish we had more jobs for them!

Can’t recommend these guys highly enough! A+! Great communication, exceeded expectations with the timeframe and the work that was done. Very professional and friendly people to deal with; did a superb job with section clearance – so impressed, we hired them again to do house and gutter clean. Would have no hesitation recommending them and would most definitely use their services again.

I found Stu and his team one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Called me back straight away, arrived on time to do a quote and then the team all arrived on time to do a fantastic total clean up of my section including the trimming of all the trees. I was very impressed with their clean up once job was complete. I would highly recommend this company and have just booked them in for another job. Thanks guys it’s always such a relief to find a reliable team.

We are always on the lookout for qualified and experienced arborists. If that sounds like you, please get in touch with us today!