Regardless of your reasons, any tree service or tree removal job should be carried out by a certified Auckland arborist. Many people are unaware of the many services that arborists are capable of providing. While tree removal is, of course, a speciality, there are many other aspects of arboriculture that arborists have mastered to ensure a well-kept, aesthetic and healthy tree environment. 

A1 Sure Services is always here to assist anyone with tree services. We are a team of highly qualified arborists that can confidently and efficiently carry out any job. This blog will give you a comprehensive run-down on the importance of hiring a certified arborist in Auckland. 

Let’s figure out whether a certified arborist is needed on your residential or commercial property! 


Auckland Arborist 101

What Is An Arborist? 

Arborists are commonly known as tree doctors or arboriculturists. They represent the professions of cultivating, managing and studying trees, shrubs and plants. Additionally, arborists bring a wealth of knowledge surrounding the biology and physiology of trees to ensure that everything is taken into account when approaching any aspect of tree removal or tree health maintenance. 

While we could go through an entire blog on ‘What is an Arborist?’, let’s just break it down to three main points that surround a majority of the profession. 

Tree Care 

Conducting assessments on tree and plant health is one of the main tasks an Auckland arborist will need to complete. Without having this knowledge, you’ll be unaware of how to approach a tree removal or land-clearing operation.

Tree Removal 

Trees are usually removed for safety, disease or aesthetic reasons. This is a very physical task that requires the appropriate training to safely remove a tree from someone’s property. A1 Sure Services ensures that our team has access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure a seamless removal. 

Tree Preservation 

A lesser-known aspect of arborist work is tree preservation. We’re not all about removing trees, we actually are in the business to help trees thrive on property. Particularly in urban areas, we play a crucial role in conserving trees through tree pruning and tree trimming techniques. 


Is An Arborist Needed For My Property? 

To put it frankly, any work required to assist or care for your trees will likely need an arborist. Our ability to assist overall tree health means that your trees will only receive the best treatment whether they need treatment or removal. We have excellent diagnostic methods to ensure that your trees are accurately treated according to their needs. 

If you’re a residential property owner, you may have a set of trees which are infringing on your sprawling views or they may be suffering from a contagious tree disease that is weakening or even killing them. Regardless, A1 Sure Services has the know-how and expertise to ensure your land grows to its fullest potential. 

Conversely, you may be trying to organise land clearing, tree removal or tree care services for your business’s site. With our 20+ years in the arborist business, we have conducted our fair share of commercial-focused work. From small to large businesses, we have been able to efficiently treat trees for businesses across the spectrum. 


Why A Qualified Arborist Should Only Be Considered

How Does An Arborist Get Qualified? 

To become a certified arborist, obtaining the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Arboriculture) is crucial. This qualification is essential, although an alternative pathway through the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) apprenticeship program is also available.

If you’re currently a high school student, taking specific NZQA subjects can help establish a strong foundation in arboriculture. Enrolling in biology, agriculture, and horticulture courses will enhance your understanding of the field before entering the training program.

In addition to gaining essential knowledge, excellent communication and client service skills are vital. Being able to comprehend the requirements of a task and effectively convey them to clients ensures the delivery of high-quality service. Prior experience in customer service will be highly advantageous when pursuing a career as an arborist in Auckland.


Why Can’t I DIY My Tree Work? 

As highly trained tree professionals, we will never recommend DIY tree work because we know what can go wrong. From a pure safety perspective, we believe that the risk of damage to people or property is too great.

Tree removal can be very dangerous, especially if you lack the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience. Climbing trees, using chainsaws, and working at heights pose significant risks to your personal safety. Certified arborists are trained in safe tree removal techniques and have the necessary safety equipment to prevent accidents. While we are highly trained, even we still need to exercise the utmost care when carrying out tree removal. 

Even a very safety-conscious company like A1 Sure Services is not exempt from surprises. No arborist can promise flawless operations every time. Many factors can arise when cutting down a tree whether it be weather, environment or the tree itself. Furthermore, this is why A1 Sure Services proudly carries a public liability cover of up to $2,000,000. 


Proper Tree Care Techniques

What Kind of Tree Service Skills Do Arborists Have? 

Arborists possess a diverse set of tree service skills that enable them to carry out meticulous and specialised tasks. At A1 Sure Services, we have the ability to identify different tree species based on their unique characteristics, allowing us to assess individual tree needs accurately. 

We have exceptional skills when it comes to tree pruning and tree trimming which subsequently enhance tree structure, aesthetics, and overall health. Our expertise in safely climbing trees has made us some of the best in the business for tasks such as pruning, canopy maintenance, and tree removal in Auckland. 

Our specialised team frequently assess tree health, diagnose diseases, and provide appropriate treatments. Our decades in the business have allowed us to provide exceptional tree risk assessments. Thanks to our exceptional team of highly knowledgeable arborists, we bring a broad skill set that is not easily attained. Regardless of your requirements, A1 Sure Services feature a comprehensive range of tree service skills that contribute to the preservation, health, and safety of trees in various environments.


What Risks Can Occur If Proper Techniques Are Ignored? 

Ignoring proper arborist techniques can lead to many potentially dangerous risks and consequences. Firstly, inadequate pruning or trimming practices can result in a compromised tree structure, causing weak branches or unstable growth patterns. This will increase the risk of branch failure, potentially leading to property damage or injury to people below. Failing to follow safe tree removal procedures may result in the uncontrolled falling of trees, posing a danger to surrounding structures, utilities, or individuals. If you are found to be the person who caused this damage, you may be liable to pay. 

Neglecting to assess and address tree health issues, such as diseases or pests, can lead to the spread of infections to neighbouring trees, resulting in significant tree losses. In addition, improper planting techniques or inadequate consideration of tree species suitability can lead to poor tree establishment, stunted growth, and ultimately, tree decline or tree death. 

Ignoring proper arborist techniques may also lead to conflicts with Auckland Council or other local government regulations or legal implications, especially when tree preservation rules are not adhered to during construction or development projects. Overall, disregarding proper arborist techniques poses risks to tree health, safety, property, and the overall well-being of the environment.

For more information on this topic, please read – “The Importance of Hiring a Professional Arborist for Tree Removal” 



No job is too big or too small for A1 Sure Services. As a family-run business with over 20 years of arborist experience, we provide high-quality and affordable tree care services to residential and commercial clients, Auckland-Wide. We have public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 

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