Trees play an important role in our environment by providing several benefits to our properties and communities. However, there may come a time when your trees have outgrown their space, become diseased, or become a safety hazard, and it needs to be removed. This is when it’s essential to call in the services of a professional arborist.

The arborists of A1 Sure Services are well-trained in tree care and tree removal, and they have the necessary knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove trees while minimizing the impact on your property and the surrounding environment. 

This blog will discuss the process of getting an arborist to cut down a tree and what you should consider before making the decision to remove a tree. Whether you need to remove a tree for safety reasons, aesthetic purposes, or for health reasons, working with a professional arborist can ensure a safe and efficient tree removal process. 


Expertise and Knowledge:

A1 Sure Service’s arborists are highly trained professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in tree care – over 20 years to be exact. We understand the biology of trees and how to handle different species (including native trees), making us the best people to handle any tree-related task in your yard or commercial property. 

We are able to employ the best tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal techniques. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art range of tools and equipment that ensure no job is too big for us. Everything comes together with A1 Sure Services as we minimize the risk of damage to your trees and property.



Tree trimming, tree removal, and land clearing can be dangerous tasks, especially if you don’t have the necessary equipment or know-how. Arborists have the training, experience, and equipment needed to carry out these tasks safely. They know how to assess the risk of falling branches and how to remove trees without causing damage to your property. They also have the proper safety gear to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them.

A1 Sure Services pride itself on putting safety first, but we also have safety nets in place if things go wrong. All of our services come with a public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 



While it may seem more cost-effective to handle tree removal tasks on your own, this is often not the case and we heavily recommend against it. Arborists have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right, without causing damage to your property – this is our bread and butter. 

A1 Sure Services can also help you avoid potential legal and financial issues that can arise from improper tree removal. As mentioned above, we have a public liability cover as a business but if things go wrong when it’s a DIY, you may be liable to cover the costs of the damage. In the long run, hiring an arborist to handle your tree removal needs can save you money and reduce your overall expenses.


Tree Health and Growth:

Arborists are experts in tree care, and they know how to promote healthy tree growth. They understand the proper pruning techniques to use, how to remove diseased or damaged trees, and how to maintain the health of your trees. This means that your trees will grow stronger and healthier, providing you with the benefits of shade, privacy, and beauty for many years to come.

Here are just some of the other skills A1 Sure Service’s arborists can carry out: 

  • Effective tree pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Soil Management
  • Proper Planting


A1 Sure Services

A1 Sure Services, no job is too big or too small. As a family-run business with over 20 years of arborist experience, we provide high-quality and affordable tree care services to residential and commercial clients, Auckland-Wide. We have public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 

Our services include tree removal, tree felling, land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal and emergency tree services. We also offer a free on-site inspection typically within 48 hours of enquiry and highly competitive pricing every single time. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, on-site inspection. Request a quote here.