Tree cutting in Auckland can be a risky job. That is why it is important to hire a skilled professional arborist in Auckland. We have the perfect climate here to allow trees to grow long and large, with many branches and offshoots. While pruning smaller trees and bushes is generally pretty simple, provided you follow safety guidelines, the bigger jobs should undoubtedly be carried out by experienced professionals. 

At A1 Sure Services, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality and affordable tree removal and tree trimming in Auckland. Our qualified arborists are all experienced in climbing, rigging, arboriculture and using heavy and sometimes dangerous equipment at heights. We provide the highest level of all-round service and with nearly 20 years experience, you can guarantee our friendly team will have your gardens looking their best.

Some of the tree services we provide are basic tree care, tree cutting/pruning, tree stump grinding services and tree removal, North Shore and Auckland-wide. Here at A1 Sure Services, we utilise the most modern techniques to access any tree whether it’s leaning against a house or dangerously close to power-lines.  

Why Should You Hire A1 Sure Services For Your Tree Work?

To put it simply, because it’s our job. 

To be more specific, it’s because:

  • Qualified and highly experienced in dealing with a range of jobs and plant-life within Auckland
  • Utilising the latest technology and machinery to ensure we complete the work safely and efficiently 
  • Passionate about what we do and we’re dedicated to providing the absolute best service at affordable prices

There is a range of jobs you could hire us for, including:

Tree Removal: This is perhaps the most dangerous work we carry out. It involves a lot of rigging and heavy machinery that only our qualified arborists are permitted to operate. This is something you should never try to undertake yourself. 

The risks are far too high. Simply give A1 Sure Services a call and we will complete a free, no-obligation inspection within 48 hours!

Tree Trimming/Pruning: Giving a tree a good trim can do wonders for it and your garden. Keep it looking good and healthy by getting professional arborists to come and do the job for you. We know exactly what a tree needs to ensure it’s looking good and feeling better. Attempting to do it yourself could result in injury or irreparable damage to the tree itself.

Tree Stump Removal: This is one job you absolutely can not do yourself. It requires the use of highly specialised machinery and experienced arborists. Tree roots are often deep and widespread. Simply pulling it out just isn’t an option. This is where the stump grinder comes into play. 

The machine grinds the stump down into mulch until there is nothing left, leaving you with a fresh patch of ground to use as you please. We will even take the mulch with us so you don’t have any mess to clean up!

If you’re thinking of hiring an arborist in Auckland, look no further than A1 Sure Services!

At A1 Sure Services, we offer excellent tree work such as tree removal services in the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland and Eastern Auckland area. A1 Sure Service works with both residential and commercial properties and can monitor and recommend tree care based on the overall health of the tree.       

As professional arborists in the North Shore and Auckland-wide region, we are extremely safety conscious with a focus on providing the highest quality tree service to our clients. We also specialise in the highly recommended, regular tree care through hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore, Central Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and the West Auckland region. If you want the entire tree completely removed, we can even offer tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland.   



Contact us today for all your emergency tree removal requirements and we’ll complete a free no-obligation quote and on-site inspection within 48 hours. Request a quote here.