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We Are Qualified Professionals

It takes 2-3 years of full-time study to become a fully qualified arborist. It isn’t something that can be picked up in a few weeks or months. Rigorous training is required to be able to handle the various pieces of equipment and machinery and the multitude of tasks that we undertake. On top of that, extensive knowledge of local plant life is needed to be able to complete each specific job effectively. If you want your tree work done properly and to a high standard - call the professionals.

Tree Removal

One of the most dangerous jobs in our field is tree removal. This is something you should always call a qualified arborist about. The quickest and most efficient way is by tree felling - cutting the tree at the base and having it fall onto open ground. For most tree removal jobs, however, this isn’t possible. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do this in residential areas. This is where the years of training and specialised machinery come in. Tree removal in residential areas requires extensive rigging and the use of powerful equipment. It is something you should never attempt yourself and the services of a fully qualified, professional arborist should always be employed.

Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning

While you could perform some light pruning/trimming on smaller trees, when it comes to the bigger jobs an arborist should be called. A good rule of thumb is - if you require a ladder to reach the limbs of the tree you’re pruning then the job is too big for you. At A1 Sure Services we can provide high-quality tree trimming Auckland wide. Call us and we can provide a free, no obligation quote within 48 hours for any job!

Tree Stump Removal

Whether you’ve just had the tree removed or you’ve had a stump sitting dormant in your yard for years - the best option is always to get rid of it. But that’s no small undertaking and actually requires very specialised machinery. Tree stumps are removed by a machine called a stump grinder. These machines will grind the stump down into mulch for easy removal. Once completed there will be no sign the stump was there and you can go about replanting your lawn. There is no way you could attempt to remove a large tree stump yourself without risking serious injury or damage to your surroundings.      

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 Small trees or large trees - we can do it all safely and efficiently! We are fully insured with public liability up to $2M and have the personnel and equipment to complete almost any job whilst following strict health and safety guidelines. Whether we’re removing a tree or simply trimming it, you and your tree’s health is our number one priority.

 We provide a range of services in Auckland: Tree felling, Tree removal services, Tree trimming, Tree pruning services, Hedge trimming, Stump grinding services, Stump removal, Land clearance and more!

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