Land clearing is a broad term but typically refers to removing trees, bushes, and vegetation from an area. Most land projects or development will require some form of land clearing when building on a natural landscape. Professional land clearing will allow for an excellent blank canvas for any developer without tarnishing the surrounding ecosystem. 

There are many reasons why land clearing should be considered; however, many are unaware of the subtle or more hidden perks of effective land clearing. This blog will outline five reasons why your property could benefit from land clearing conducted by experienced arborists.  

1. Healthy Trees and Promoting Plant Growth

Like any living thing on Earth, plants rely on sunshine and water to flourish. Therefore, land clearing is vital in any cluttered area and overloaded with various weeds, dead trees, and other unwanted bush. 

Clearing a site from the unnecessary or unwanted bush can make the beautiful plants and picturesque trees live healthier Without so many weeds or natural debris present, trees and plants can increase their exposure to sun and water – allowing them to thrive. 

New Zealand is a nation that is famous for its native plants, which are some of the most beautiful on Earth. Take advantage of increasing the number of beautiful plants on your property by ensuring they have enough light and water to develop.

Decrease Pests On Property

Land clearing, in Auckland specifically, will be a great chance to fight against pests that are still running wild in properties. Land clearing in West Auckland will mainly help with this problem. Pests tend to be heavily found in areas that are dense with trees. 

Pests will have shelter and protection from the wild with many trees around, making it the perfect breeding ground. To keep pests at a minimum, clearing the trees and bush that allow them to hide will force them to relocate. 

Additionally, nearby homes will also benefit as it will decrease the chance of pest infestation within the property itself. 

3. Decrease Fire Risks

Land that has not been cleared for many years or decades will likely have dead trees just begging to be kindle. One of the critical benefits of land clearing is reducing the risk of fire which can pose a serious threat to your property. 

In this current age of climate instability, fires seem to be more common. Dead trees have little moisture, making them very easily flammable – especially if vegetation is also present nearby. To minimise the fire risk on property, it’s advised to get an experienced land clearing team to come by and meticulously clean the area. 


 4. Improving Quality of Soil

Many are unaware of the benefits of land clearing, including the resulting mulch. Once the land is clear, the team can distribute a layer of mulch on the top layer to provide nutrients for the terrain. 

Thanks to the nature of mulch, there will be a decrease in the number of weeds coming through. Land clearing is more than just removing trees or bushes; it’s giving property owners a new area to work from without tarnishing the surrounding environment.

5. Increasing Value

Land clearing is similar to sculpting an area – making it more eye-catching and practical. A person looking to sell their property should look into land clearing. Increasing the visibility with the help of tree trimming will increase the value of the land.

With house prices in Auckland, property owners should do everything they can to maximise their property’s value. Look out for land clearing services or tree removal in North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland, South Auckland and more to make sure you capitalise on your property. 

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