Hiring an arborist in Auckland can be a daunting task and many often question whether it is necessary. Trees are an important staple in a garden. Providing shade, fresh air and even food they can be a welcoming attribution. Despite their many advantages, they can become threats to their surroundings if not properly maintained.

Regular tree care, proper pruning and tree removal can prevent such occurrences and are where a certified Arborist comes in. 

What are some hazards trees produce? 

  • Pests - Rotting trees can harbour pests with diseases that affect the health of those surrounding it. They thrive in wet conditions so it's important to clear stumps and trees before winter. 
  • Unstable - Heavy rainfall and strong winds may loosen soil or damage both old and young trees. In this case, a tree may need emergency removal. If just the branches are affected we suggest tree trimming in Auckland and the North Shore. However, if significantly damaged, tree removal may be necessary.

Trees may also be removed, trimmed and pruned for aesthetic purposes. This may be to improve a view, remove a tree you don’t like and create your own garden oasis.  

Method of tree removal

One of the main services we offer is tree removal in the North shore or Auckland-wide. It is quite often a very lengthy process. However, our qualified team have methods they train in to make it as safe and efficient as possible.

Methods of tree removal:

  • Tree felling - One of the quickest and most efficient ways to remove a tree. Trees are cut at the base and allowed to fall safely using modern equipment. However, it is very difficult and dangerous in residential areas. 
  • Segment tree - This involves chopping large branches off and cutting the stump into sections to be lowered down. The rigging controls the way segments of the tree fall.
  • Stump grinding - This requires a stump grinder to grind the stump down to mulch which is much less stubborn to move.

Tree maintenance 

Hiring a professional arborist helps lower the risks that come with tree removal and maintenance. As experts in their field, they will not only be able to give you the most professional tree advice, but educated steps to help improve the circumstances. 

Regular pruning and tree cutting in Auckland can ensure the health and prosperity of your tree, maintain its size or ensure future growth. It also can prevent the need for tree removal. 

Forms of tree maintenance

  • Tree trimming - Proper pruning is essential for plants to access nutrients for their survival.
  • Monitoring tree health - This involves assessing the quality of the wood, amount of pests and its age. Monitoring a tree and assessing its internal strength means unnecessary tree removal is avoided. 
  • Land clearing - This helps create plants that are healthy and thrive. Clearing weeds and other loose plant matter enables trees and other vegetation to receive their essential nutrients much easier.

Why hire an expert for the job?

Whatever tree project you have next, whether its removal or maintenance, what difference does hiring a professional arborist make? 

  • Experience - It takes 2-3 years of full-time study to become a fully qualified arborist. As well as intensive training, knowledge of local plant life and protected flora is needed.
  • Advice - Our arborists are able to give free and helpful advice. Our trained team is up to date with all local law requirements and the most updated information about plant health care. To avoid extra costs, make sure you get expert advice first time around.
  • Equipment - Equipped with the right machinery facilitates easier tree services. Equipment includes saw, hedge trimmers and larger machinery such as a bobcat
  • Insurance -  It is a risky job, however, We carry full public liability insurance. This can give you and our team peace of mind.

A1 Sure Services

At A1 Sure Services, we offer excellent tree work such as tree services in the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland and Eastern Auckland area. A1 Sure Service works with both residential and commercial properties and can monitor and recommend tree care based on the overall health of the tree. 


As professional arborists in the North Shore and Auckland-wide region, we are extremely safety conscious with a focus on providing the highest quality tree service to our clients. We also specialise in the highly recommended, regular tree care through hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore, Central Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and the West Auckland region. If you want the entire tree completely removed, we can even offer tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland.      




Contact us today for all your emergency tree removal requirements and we’ll complete a free no-obligation on-site inspection within 48 hours. Request a quote here.