You may not have called an Auckland arborist before, or you may not even know what they do. There are several tasks that can be carried out by arborists, but they typically revolve around maintaining tree health and removing unwanted trees. 

As the perfect introduction to understanding the purpose of an arborist in Auckland, this blog will go through their potential daily tasks. Each task is specifically done depending on the tree or property requiring services. At A1 Sure Services, you can be sure that no job is too big for us to complete to a high standard. After this blog, you’ll be ready to enquire about our highly-rated arborist services. 


Tree Trimming/ Tree Pruning Services

You may have trees on your property that have grown in recent years to become very unsightly or too busy. The branches may be in need of trimming; this can assist the aesthetics of the tree while also promoting healthy growth and maintaining its strength. Depending on the circumstance, there are several methods of tree trimming that are used by A1 Sure Services.

Please read ‘Different Types of Tree Trimming’ for more information. 

You may think that tree pruning is the same as tree trimming, but they serve different purposes. Tree pruning is commonly used for disease and pest prevention or treatment. If you are able to catch disease or infestation fast enough, tree pruning will allow you to retain the beauty and health of your tree.  

Please read ‘Why Tree Pruning Is Important’ for more information. 


Tree Removal/ Tree Felling Services

Tree removal and tree felling both have the same results, but their methods are different. Tree removal involves removing the tree in chunks from top to bottom. This is a common method of removal when there isn’t sufficient space to let the tree fall. 

Conversely, tree felling is a common practice in land clearing. This is a method whereby a cut is made into the trunk, and the tree strategically falls in a desired direction – this is a far more efficient method to remove a tree as opposed to tree removal segmenting above. 

Please read ‘The Differences Between Tree Removal and Tree Felling’ for more information. 


Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is our speciality. At A1 Sure Services, we have an extensive collection of state-of-the-art equipment that can handle land, both small and large. We have experience in efficiently clearing residential and commercial land. The most common reason one would enquire about land clearing services is for development. Our highly-trained and qualified arborists will ensure that your property is cleared and ready for the next step of your project. 

Please read ‘An Introduction To Land Clearing’ for more information. 


Stump Grinding/ Stump Removal Services

Removal and grinding are common techniques used by arborists. Stump removal specifically involves digging around the stump and roots and pulling the entire stump out of the ground. It requires the use of heavy force and high-power machines.

Stump grinding, however, involves grinding just the stump using highly specialised equipment and leaving the roots within the earth. Fine sawdust is left as residue from the stump. This levels the ground and eliminates the need for extra filling. The sawdust will eventually mix with the soil. However, it must be removed if the sawdust is heavily infected, as this may transfer to surrounding plants.

Stump grinding is the more commonly used method. It is easier and more efficient. The stump can even be used for mulching! Mulch can be used in a variety of methods that can actually benefit the aesthetic of your property. 

Read “Perks of Using Tree Mulch in the Garden” to get some ideas! 

When searching for cheap tree removal in Auckland with A1 Sure Services, you should find one who has the technology and know-how to remove or grind tree stumps. As professional arborists in Auckland, we are able to offer exceptional tree stump removal and tree grinding services should you wish to remove any remnants of your tree.


A1 Sure Services

A1 Sure Services, no job is too big or too small. As a family-run business with over 20 years of arborist experience, we provide high-quality and affordable tree care services to residential and commercial clients, Auckland-Wide. We have public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 

Our services include tree removal, tree felling, land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal and emergency tree services. We also offer a free on-site inspection typically within 48 hours of enquiry and highly competitive pricing every single time. 

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