While you may think the job is finished once tree felling or tree removal has taken place, there is substantial work that still needs to be done. The tree stump can be such an eyesore on anyone’s property, and as such, it’s important to have it erased. 

As an introduction to understanding the nitty-gritty of Auckland tree services, this blog will explore tree stump removal and stump grinding. After reading this blog, you’ll have a concrete understanding of why there are different methods of stump removal and how your property could benefit from having those ugly tree stumps extracted. 


What Is Stump Grinding? 

Stump grinding involves using a high-powered grinder that will transform that eyesore into mulch in no time. Depending on the size of your tree, the team at A1 Sure Services will may use a smaller grinder which runs on gas, or if you are dealing with a hefty stump, a larger grinder may be required – which would run on diesel. 

Essentially, the device has several carbide cutters attached, which then spin at an exceptional speed to “ground” the stump into mulch. As this is a high-powered tool, only qualified and experienced arborists are expected to use this tool. Specifically for larger trees, these devices are incredibly powerful and potentially dangerous if used incorrectly. 

Commonly, the resulting mulch can be used to fill in any holes that remain after stump grinding. If the earth is less dense, or you’re concerned about poor structure, you can fill in the hole with the remnants of the stump. There are several benefits to using mulch in your garden; read our blog here to discover more exciting methods! 


What Is Stump Removal? 

While stump grinding and stump removal share the same result, the methods are entirely different. Stump removal does not involve a specialist machine designed to reduce the stump to mulch. Stump removal involves the literal extraction from the earth using an industrial vehicle like a tractor or digger. 

More often than not, a chain will be tied around the stump and then secured onto the tractor/digger. Here, the vehicle will drive off and use a high amount of force to yank the stump out from the ground. Depending on the size of the sump, there could be extensive roots under the stump that require more strength to pull the stump out. 

As a rule of thumb, a larger tree will have larger roots due to the requirement for extensive nutrients. Large thick roots can bury themselves deep within the earth and only add to the amount of pull required for extraction. 

Why Would I Use One Over The Other?

Determining whether you should use stump removal or stump grinding will depend entirely on the circumstances. Smaller trees tend to be easier to be extracted due to their weaker roots, yet grinding may be an effective option. 

It’s important to call the services of an experienced Auckland arborist, as they can determine the appropriate means of stump removal while leaving as little damage as possible. Stump grinding is also the perfect solution if you have a need for the resulting mulch. Many people buy bags of mulch at home improvement centres, but with an unwanted tree stump, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. 


Will Stump Removal Damage My Property? Can I Just Leave The Stump? 

During stump removal, there will likely be some damage due to the ripping up of the roots. This is why we recommend stumps are ground if the tree is excessively large. If pulling out of this tree will cause disproportionate damage that may be difficult to fix; however, stump grinding provides a solution for this concern. 

Stump grinding can produce a substantial amount of mulch which is commonly used to fill in the cavity left behind the stump. Strengthening the earth below will ensure that your property remains even and safe while the earth is filled in over time. 

After tree removal or tree felling, you could leave the stump; however, many consider it to be quite an unsightly feature for a lawn. Unless you plan on using it to split wood, it may be better to have it removed so that you’re left with a blank canvas to create something more meaningful on your land. 


A1 Sure Services

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