While arboriculture is a highly rewarding profession that is highly beneficial to both people and the environment, it is also a dangerous profession that comes with many risks and dangers of injury. Arboriculture is a practice that is best left to the professionals and should not be tried at home. Fortunately, it is because of these risks that arboriculture also has many safety practices which of course must be carefully and stringently adhered to.

Needless to say, the most important safety practice in arboriculture is that one must always have their safety gear on and properly adjusted. This is the best and most effective way to reduce the chances on risk and injury as well as better protecting oneself against any endangerment. Again, there are many potential hazards when working in the field of arboriculture, such as falling trees or accidentally harming oneself on the many sharp and powered tools that are required for tree cutting and tree pruning services, so it is imperative that arborists make sure they have all the necessary safety gear and that the gear is being worn or working properly. Safety gear should include gloves, goggles, chainsaw protective clothing, earmuffs or ear plugs, work shoes, and of course a helmet.

Aside from wearing safety gear, there are many other important safety tips and procedures in arboriculture, to make the care, cultivation, and removal of trees as safe as possible for both the people and the trees involved. But next to safety gear and protection, the next most important method of safety in arboriculture is teamwork. Keeping an eye out for not just your own back for the backs of your other fellow arborists and making sure that no one in your team, including yourself, is endangering themselves or others. Be careful of electrical wires, falling branches and trees, and any other potential hazards even when you are not the one directly dealing with them. being an active part of a team of professional arborists can make all the difference between safety and danger, which is another reason why it’s best that arboriculture be left to the professionals.

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