Tree trimming, tree removal, tree cutting, grinding and removal of tree stumps and garden care can be dangerous work. Before undertaking any work yourself we urge you to get the advice of a tree care specialist. At A1 Sure services we can offer high-quality tree services North Shore / Auckland wide and can give expert advice on the best course of action for your trees. 

If you have decided to do some work on your trees and garden, be sure to keep your health and safety as your number one priority. If you are unsure about something or not confident in your ability to complete a certain task, then don’t do it. Contact a professional arborist and get their advice.

Here are a few safety tips for tree care and garden work:

1. Wear protective clothing/gear – Depending on the work you’re doing you may need all or some of the following: Helmet/Hard Hat, Safety Goggles, Work Gloves, Slip-resistant Work Boots, Thick Pants. It is vital you protect yourself from any potential hazards such as falling branches, wood dust/chips, slippery environments, sharp tools/machinery.

2. Be aware of your surroundings – Make sure you have a good lay of the area you will be working with. If you’re going to be digging into the ground, find out where utility pipes/cables lie and avoid causing major damage/disruptions. If you will be getting high up on a ladder or other piece of machinery, be aware of low hanging branches and power lines. 

3. Minimize hazardsBefore undertaking any work be sure to clear the area of any potential hazards. Loose branches, tools, toys, sports equipment can all be tripping hazards and, when you’re operating power tools or holding sharp objects, can cause serious injury. Also, make sure any children or animals are kept indoors and out of the way.

4. Power Tools – Take the utmost care when working with power tools, they are not toys! Before using them make sure you inspect for any damage to the tools that could potentially become hazards. Wear the correct protective gear when operating power tools. Use an outdoor extension lead if required and always be aware of where your cable is to avoid cutting through it. 

Most importantly, never operate a power tool unless you are confident in your ability to use it. Read the manual, watch tutorial videos on youtube, ask someone experienced for advice, just make sure you know what you are doing before pressing that ‘ON’ button. 

And don’t forget at A1 Sure Services we offer expert tree work services, including tree removal and tree trimming, Auckland-wide!

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