Tree trimming and garden care don’t need to take a back seat in the colder months. Just because it’s cold and your trees and plants are sleeping for the winter, doesn’t mean you should sleep on your gardening duties! Winter can actually be a great time to get a few things done. Some tree trimming can be done as it’s less strain on the sleeping trees and it’s also a great time to bulk up the compost heap.   

Here are a few things you can do this winter to keep your garden in great shape and have it looking and feeling happy and healthy.

Planting - As long as the soil isn’t slushy and sticking to your spade, winter is a great time to plant. This is particularly true for deciduous trees and roses as they will be dormant this time of year.

Rake And Collect Leaves - Once the leaves have dropped off your trees you can rake them all up and collect them. This is for a couple of reasons. One is that having your lawn covered in leaves can encourage the growth and spread of disease and mould and another is that you can use the leaves as mulch or add it to your compost.

Tree Trimming - Many people tend to avoid trimming their trees in winter as they believe the cold weather will worsen the wounds. For deciduous trees, however, winter is actually a great time for tree pruning in North Shore, Auckland and rest of NZ thanks to our milder winter temperatures. Just make sure all the leaves have fallen off and the tree is dormant to reduce the risk of serious harm.

Build And Enrich The Soil - Winter is a great time to spread mulch and compost to enrich your soil with nutrients. It’s a great way to protect the soil from the elements whilst loading it up with growth-encouraging food for the plants. Spending the winter months building up your soil will result in fantastic growth and happy trees in spring and summer.

That’s just a few things you can do to keep yourself and your garden happy and stimulated during these next few months. For any other Auckland Tree Services, you can get a hold of us at A1 Sure Services. We can provide tree care services, including tree trimming Auckland wide at incredible prices.

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