Five Tips And Tricks For Tree Removal

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In New Zealand, we love a good DIY project. Painting the bedroom, fixing the fence, landscaping the backyard – if there’s a way we can get our hands dirty and earn ourselves a beer, we’ll do it! Some jobs can be tricker than others, however. Tree removal is certainly one of those jobs – depending on the size of the tree. As a general rule of thumb, if you have to use a ladder to reach the limbs of the tree to remove them then it is probably too big for you to remove yourself and you will require the services of a professional arborist. In this blog, we will offer you some tips for removing trees of a smaller size – ones that won’t cause serious injury or damage if you decide to do it yourself.

Tips for small tree removal:

  • Make sure the tree is small enough for you to be working on! Again, if you require a ladder to reach the limbs then it is too big and it’s highly recommended you hire a qualified arborist to complete the job for you. It’s just not worth the risk.
  • Water the tree the day before you plan on carrying out the removal. This will ensure the soil is softer and easier to dig.
  • Measure the tree trunk. For every inch, plan to dig 6 inches deep to reach the entire root system. The roots tend to extend to just beyond the trees canopy. If you want to look after the tree’s health then use these measurements to dig around the root system. This will allow you to keep the roots intact and transplant the tree to another location if you so wish.
  • Once you have dug around the root system, use leverage to wiggle out the root ball. If you want to dispose of the tree then simply cut it into smaller pieces.
  • Protect yourself! Working with trees can have all kinds of hazards. Make sure you wear gloves to protect your hands from blistering and if you use any power tools don’t forget to wear protective glasses and ear plugs as well.

The main thing to remember is if you have any doubts, then call A1 Sure Services for some advice. We would be more than happy to offer some guidance and can even provide a free quote for our tree services. Your health and safety should be the number one priority. No tree is worth you ending up in hospital – or worse.

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