Tree Removal Services can be a dangerous and complicated task

If you don’t know how to do it correctly. It is something that should never be attempted by someone who is not experienced in tree removal to avoid serious accidents. If you botch the tree removal it could result in a re-growth of the tree from a stump that was not handled properly. It could also lead to damage to cars, power lines, homes, and people.

Trees of any size, form or shape are beneficial for homes as well as the environment because trees which are used for the purpose of landscaping often continue to grow. But, if the tree grows too large, you may need to trim it down before it causes any damage to the property.

There are many professional tree removal companies that specialise in tree services and tree maintenance to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape and property.

The removal of a tree is not an easy task. It can be very difficult and dangerous to remove large trees from your yard and if you’re inexperienced, you may end with some serious injuries. It goes to show how important it is to hire a professional company offering tree services in your area. If you’re looking for tree removals in Auckland Wide, we share below some important reasons why you should hire a professional Tree Removal Company.

Prevent Damages to Property

When trees continue to grow they will often end up being overgrown and it could result in damage to your house and property during a major storm. So, it is always advisable to hire a professional tree removal company to trim back the overgrown branches of the tree before it gets the chance to cause any damage. They will not only prune the overgrown branches of the tree but also ensure that the property remains beautiful and free from all dangers which may be caused by overgrown trees and its branches.


When you hire the services of a professional tree removal company you will have complete peace of mind as these professionals know the correct techniques to remove trees safely and appropriately. They will often also offer cleaning services after uprooting the trees.

Knowledge & Experience

Professional removal companies are equipped with experienced and trained experts who have the skills to remove any kind of trees correctly without causing any damage to your home or property.

Saving Your Power

You might be aware that the process of removing trees is quite time-consuming and requires lots of energy and power, especially if you are not equipped with correct tools and equipment. A professional is set up with all the required tools to perform the task of removing the trees efficiently without much effort and in good time.

Cost Factor

If you do decide to remove a tree from your property on your own, to save money, be aware that you may end up with serious injuries and even end up spending more money in purchasing the right equipment and tools which are required for removal. It is always recommended to hire services of a professional tree Removal Company who are equipped with the correct equipment and tools which will allow them to complete the job efficiently. Though it may seem expensive, it is the most affordable and effective way to remove trees from your property.

The Process

Tree removal starts with a tree assessment and evaluating the location of the tree. To ensure that the tree is taken out safely the tree trimmer needs to plan ahead and they will need to ensure that it is done with minimum damage to the surrounding areas. If the tree is close to power lines or a home, the path of the fall of the tree will be assessed with caution. By doing this it will allow for greater control over which way the tree falls as well as reducing the risk of damage caused by breaking branches. Once everything has been planned out, the tree trimmer will climb into the tree and trim away all unwanted branches.

If the whole tree is being removed, it may be necessary to “top” the tree, which means taking the top off before the tree is cut down to decrease the risk of damage to property. The stump that is left after the tree is removed can be left or removed by digging it out, by using explosives or with mechanical equipment. The tree limbs can be chipped for composting and mulching or simply taken away. The tree can be cut for timber or firewood. After chopping up the tree the tree company may take everything away for an additional fee. Another option is give unwanted branches away to those who want it for wood chips, lumber, or firewood.

Tree removals can be a very difficult and challenging task. But hiring professional tree removal services from A1 Sure Services is the best option. We have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently handle the job. The safety of our team and the public is our top priority and we don’t take shortcuts or take unnecessary risks. We always value and respect our environment. Give us a call today for tree removals Auckland, on 021 175 8660 or request for Free Quote.