Tree removal safety is one of our specialities here at A1 Sure Services, and our experienced team always take the necessary precautions to ensure both their safety and yours. Tree removal can be a very dangerous job if performed incorrectly, and even tree trimming can pose serious dangers when done from a height.

While tree removal safety may sound like a simple concept, there are actually more rigorous procedures involved than most people realise. For those interested we’re giving you an insider’s look at all the precautions our experts take to ensure personal and public safety during tree removal.

Dangers of Tree Removal

One of the biggest components of tree removal safety is the correct use of equipment. Wood chippers, chainsaws and other power tools all have the capacity to inflict serious damage on someone. Just a momentary lapse in concentration could see you lose a hand, or worse. Tree removal instruments should never be used by a novice who doesn’t know how to operate them.

Another danger to consider is the tree itself. Tree trimming or tree removal may require the work person to climb to great heights, using branches and gear to support themselves. Weak limbs on a tree may break unexpectedly, causing a person to fall and suffer serious injury. Trees that are in close proximity to power lines pose an extra threat, as you could fall on the lines or hit them with your equipment causing electrocution.

And of course, despite careful planning trees do not always fall the way you expect. If they fall the wrong way they may crash down onto a house, power lines, or even hit a person. Falling too soon can cause injuries if there are people standing in the way. To combat this problem, tree removal professionals must prepare the tree fall space carefully and attach cords to the trunk to help direct the way it falls.

Safety Equipment

To ensure safety while working, tree removal professionals must be covered from head to toe in the correct protective gear. This usually includes:


Heavy gloves are critical for defending tree removal worker’s hands against cuts, bruises or infections from plants, insects and chemicals. They also provide a stronger grip for carrying heavy tree removal equipment like chainsaws, and make it easier to hold onto trees.


Helmets are very important in case a worker falls, or if falling debris land on him/her. They will help to protect the head from concussion. They should also prevent electrocution in the unfortunate event of a head collision with power lines, by absorbing the shock.

Safety Glasses (Goggles)

Eye protection is extremely important when using a chainsaw, regardless of whether you’re up a tree or on the ground cutting it up. Goggles prevent your vision from being clouded during sawing and tree removal, and also protect your eyes from flying bits of debris and dust.

Protective Chainsaw Clothing

Operating a chainsaw during tree removal requires the right kind of protective clothing. Rugged clothes that resist tearing are important as sharp pieces of debris have a tendency to fly around. Protective chaps on the legs are also a good idea in case the chainsaw comes too close.


Using a chainsaw regularly can gradually damage the inner ear, a very real danger for professional tree removal workers. This long-term hearing damage can be irreversible. To protect themselves, workers should wear earmuffs or earplugs while operating chainsaws or similar machinery.

Work Shoes

Sturdy tree removal shoes are also important to protect feet from sharp debris and abrasions. Shoes with a good grip or strap-on spikes will also help workers to climb trees. Steel-toe boots help to protect workers’ toes from being crushed by falling branches.

Give us a Call

For these reasons, tree removal and difficult tree trimming should NEVER be attempted by homeowners or amateurs. You should always call the professionals. Our friendly team at A1 Sure Services are experts in tree removal and are happy to give you a quote for any work you need done. Call the A1 team today! 09 446 1258 or 021 175 8660.