Trees can be the pride and joy of someone’s garden, and many homeowners work hard to take care of their trees with adequate tree pruning, watering, and general care. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to take the drastic step of removing the tree – which, although commonly performed, can also be tricky to execute properly. That’s why it’s important to understand some general tree removal information before embarking on this procedure yourself.

When to Remove a Tree

There are several reasons why you may want to remove one or more trees from your landscaping. First and foremost is if the tree is dead or dying, whether this is due to poor climate, disease or damage – mainly because this makes the tree a hazard to people and objects in its vicinity. If the tree falls or if one of its branches breaks off, it can damage property (from your home to your cars) or anyone who is walking underneath! This applies to trees that are structurally unsound due to insects or disease – although your instinct may be to try to heal the tree, it is better to just get rid of it.

Another reason you may want to remove your tree is if it negatively affects other plantings that you would rather keep. For example, trees can suck up much of the water and nutrients in an area due to their extensive root system, and this may not be desirable if you have other plants that are struggling to grow to their full potential. This root system may also be undermining other structures you have on your property, which would require removal in order to maintain your home’s structural integrity. Finally, if you want to construct something new and your tree is in the way, you’re probably looking for a way to clear the space.

Tree Removal Process

That’s where tree removal comes in. The process is carried out by professionals who will cut the tree and lift it with a specially-designed crane in order to maximize safety and efficiency. The team at A1 Sure Services will then come in and grind down the stump to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible and can carry out stump removal as well if that is something you’re needing. Just call the team to arrange a full quote.