Tree Pruning here in New Zealand

Should be approached carefully but deliberately, because every time a tree is pruned it has the potential to alter its shape and look. Unlike other landscaping considerations, pruning trees is a task better left in the hands of local professional arborists.

Periodic Pruning

Most of the reasons for having trees pruned fall into three basic categories:

Aesthetic concerns: Trees that have been professional shaped and exhibit rounded, symmetrical crowns are visually appealing.
Health concerns: Trees receiving periodic prunings tend to live longer and maintain good health.
Safety concerns: Broken or rotting tree branches are indicative of poor health and aesthetics and are a safety hazard that should be pruned back.

Purposeful Pruning

Tree cutting should be done in accordance with proven principles that ensure the health, safety and aesthetic value of the tree.

Under all but the most extreme circumstances a tree should never be pruned to the extent it loses over a quarter of its capacity for bearing leaves. It always safer to make smaller rather than larger cuts. Branches with a diameter of less than 50mm can always be safely cut.

When contemplating cutting a branch that is anywhere between 50-100mm in diameter, stop and consider if it is necessary to either improve the aesthetics of the tree or if there are health or safety issues that need be addressed.
Cutting any branch larger than 100mm in diameter should be avoided except for extenuating circumstances.

Tree Cutting Principles

There are three primary principles for cutting trees:

Reducing the tree’s crown

This is done to control the overall height and spread of the crown. Doing so helps to alleviate stress on branches and the tree itself, and helps to ensure the tree’s natural shape, while also allowing for more light to shine through the branches.

Thinning the tree’s crown

Reducing shade and increasing light by selectively thinning back the crown’s branches helps to maintain health and aesthetic values.

Lifting the tree’s crown

By methodically removing lower branches, more space is created from below the crown to the ground. This provides more access for persons and for foliage beneath the tree.

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