Tree maintenance and tree removal are essential during winter. When winter comes along, so does the wind, rain and cold weather. Looking after your trees during this period can mean the difference between strong and healthy trees, and weak, dying trees.  

A period of rest and hibernation, trees slow down and reserve their energy during winter. It is our job to look after them and ensure they are getting enough food, water and shelter. Here are some of the top tips for maintaining your garden in the chilly months:  

1. Check your trees for any damage 

This tip is best fulfilled both before and after winter. It involves inspecting your tree for damage, cracks or decay. If the tree is close to powerlines, houses or people, then the tree can become a hazard to everything around it.  

High winds and heavy rain can loosen soil and blow branches off the tree. Removing any at-risk branches or trees can prevent any serious damage from occurring. Winter is a great time to inspect your trees if they are deciduous as the leaves have fallen. At A1 Sure Services, we are the experts in tree cutting and tree removal Auckland-wide. 

2. Mulch

If you haven’t already, make sure to mulch the base of your tree to keep them healthy. This will help keep the roots warm and retain moisture.  

Make sure to not over mulch. Keep the mulch a few centimetres away from the base of the trunk. This will prevent the trunk from getting too soggy and rotting at the base.  

 3. Water your plants

It may seem counterintuitive considering the amount of rain New Zealand gets, but watering your plants is essential. Especially if they are young or at risk and there has been no rainfall for a long period of time.  

 4. Prune your trees 

One of the best things to do in the winter is to prune your trees. Of course, it is important to research your individual tree to determine the best time to prune. As a general rule, plants that bloom on new growth should be pruned late winter, early spring. 

Here are the main benefits for pruning and tree trimming in Auckland during the winter season:

  • Visibility - During the dormant season, deciduous trees lose their leaves. This makes pruning and inspecting the trees a lot easier. Easily see any cracks, breaks and damages and identify what branches need to be removed. You can also see the shape and weight of the branches. 
  • Help your trees conserve energy - Pruning can help rejuvenate the tree to withstand the harsh winter weather. 
  • Encourage new growth in spring - Pruning in winter can actually encourage new growth for many plants. When a tree is pruned, it encourages the tree to create new growth to replace the lost foliage. When you prune during winter, this delays the growth till spring as the tree is dormant. 
  • Less chance of disease - Fungi, bacteria, insects and pests run rampant amongst trees. During winter, many of these hibernate. This means they are less likely to spread and cause damage to the new growth.  

Many fruit trees are especially susceptible to this. Pruning the tree during winter can allow the tree to “heal” and produce more fruit. 

As professional arborists in Auckland, we can engage in high-quality tree cutting in the North Shore and Auckland-wide. This can give your trees the best possible chance to grow strong and healthy. If your tree is damaged or decaying, we even engage in tree removal in the North Shore and Auckland-wide. 

A1 Sure Services 

At A1 Sure Services, we offer excellent tree work such as tree services in the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland and Eastern Auckland area. A1 Sure Service works with both residential and commercial properties and can monitor and recommend tree care based on the overall health of the tree. 

As professional arborists in the North Shore and Auckland-wide region, we are extremely safety conscious with a focus on providing the highest quality tree service to our clients. We also specialise in the highly recommended, regular tree care through hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore, Central Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and the West Auckland region. If you want the entire tree completely removed, we can even offer tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland.      

Contact us today for all your emergency tree removal requirements and we’ll complete a free no-obligation on-site inspection within 48 hours. Request a quote here.