Now that summer's here, it’s time to start thinking about how the heat is going to affect your trees. Below we have some suggestions as to how best to care for your trees during the warm summer months. 


It’s important to make sure tree pruning is a priority during summer as the warmer temperatures can start to cause stress on the trees. If you’re needing some trees pruned, it’s important you don’t prune too much as the new growth on the trees helps to support the energy the plants make to survive. Therefore we suggest getting in a professional to make sure pruning isn’t overdone. If you’re going to prune the trees yourself, we suggest only removing broken or dead branches and call us for help removing anything that is causing issues.


Plants and trees need to be fed just as we do. Maybe not as much as we need but to make sure your trees are getting enough fuel and moisture to grow, we suggest placing some mulch at the base of the trees, not only will it help feed the trees but it will help roots stay cooler during the warmer temperatures.


Water is important for all growing creatures, trees and plants included. During the summer, you’ll find your trees will need some extra hydration. It’s important you don’t wait until the trees are drying up and in desperate need of watering. The best way is to infrequently water them and water them at the base and try and get the water deep into the roots. You may find that you need to water them once a week, but there are also some great watering systems on the market, so if you don’t have the time to stand outside and water the plants yourself every time, we suggest looking into watering solutions. 

Watering really only applies to newly planted trees and plant’s, anything that’s been in the ground longer than 6 or so months, won’t need the same attention as newly planted trees. 


Newly planted trees and plants will always love to have some extra nutrients. One useful approach to maintaining healthy happy trees is to improve the quality of the soil. You can easily improve the soil quality by adding nutrients either above or below the soil line. An awesome idea is to start a compost bin (which is also great for the environment in general) and use the compost to spread around your trees. Compost not only helps your soil stay healthy but it also helps retain water. Once you start applying compost to the soil around your trees, they will start to have improved soil and root structure.


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