Happy Spring everyone! It’s hard to believe winter is finally over. As the season of birth, renewal and new beginnings, spring is a great time to revive your trees, landscaping and garden. Today we’re offering some great tips for tree care in spring. Make the most of this beautiful season by giving your trees a boost after the long cold winter!

Tip #1: Clean Up

Spring is a great time to remove debris from trees. Winter can cause fallen branches, leaves, twigs and fruit to collect at the trunk. Sweep this all away as part of your tree care regime.

Some trees are susceptible to fungal diseases, and leaving debris may increase this risk. Insects gather in rotting debris and may infect your tree’s trunk, severely damaging its health. That’s why clean up is an important part of spring tree care!

Tip #2: Tree Pruning

Tree pruning or trimming is also a good idea during spring tree care. Some branches will probably be dead or damaged after the rough winter season. Call your professional team at A1 Sure Services to inspect your trees. We’ll tell you which branches need to go.

Regular tree pruning is important, particularly after winter damage and during the windy spring season – because damaged or dead branches may fall and injure people. It’s also a vital part of tree care because it improves your trees health. Dead branches can rot and infect the rest of the tree.

Tip #3: Tree Care & Safety

Spring means people (and animals) are stretching their legs, leaving the house and getting active outdoors once again. This includes children. An important part of your spring tree care routine should be inspecting trees on your property for safety.

Any large branches that have suffered storm damage may no longer be strong. Check the sturdiness of branches that might be climbed by kids (think of neighbour’s children as well). You don’t want something breaking and hurting someone during the summer months. Our professional arborists are happy to inspect your trees and perform all necessary tree care services.

Tip #4: New Beginnings!

Spring is a great time to plant new seedlings for trees. Planting in spring allows trees to get established and make a head start before thriving in summer’s hot weather. Following a spring planting guide for the best results, using mulch as required. Young tree care in spring will require regular watering for quick growth. However short bursts of water can stunt growth – it’s better to arrange a constant trickle at the base of the young tree.


So there you have it! Some great tips for spring tree care. Make the most of this beautiful season and use it to benefit your trees and garden. And if you need professional tree care services, don’t hesitate to give the friendly team at A1 Sure Services a call! We’re happy to help with all of your spring tree care needs. Just pick up the phone and dial 09 446 1258 or 021 175 8660.