Spring is in the air and your inner gardener is ripe and ready to come out of its shell. But where to start? For a beginner, a low-maintenance garden may be the way to go.

What does ‘low-maintenance’ entail?

Gardening typically requires two very important elements: time and effort. When one or the other is missing, your garden can get out of control and run away from you. That said, there are a variety of techniques you can employ that allows your garden to flourish without constant care.

‘Low-maintenance’ doesn’t mean no-maintenance, it’s just a way of managing your garden that doesn’t require constant attention.

How to create a low-maintenance garden

There’s an incredibly diverse array of ways to keep your garden under control and part of the joy of gardening is figuring those techniques out for yourself. However, especially for a beginner, knowing some of the basic tricks can go a long way in helping get you started.

Synthetic fabric

Covering your garden floor with fabric that blocks light, while still letting in water and air, is a fantastic way of killing weeds before they can appear. It also stops seeds from germinating so your garden contains only the plants you want it to. The fabric should lie between the soil and whatever bark, gravel or stone anchors you lay on top.

Build your soil

Some soil works better than others at keeping weeds at bay, such as green manure. Building your own soil allows you to make the right foundation for your garden so that maintenance is easier later on.

Press pause

If you need a little break from gardening, covering the whole thing with light-blocking plastic sheets stops germinating and weeds in their tracks. Of course, it looks hideous so may negate what you’re actually wanting to get out of having a garden in the first place. Don’t keep it on too long though or else you may not have a garden to worry about for much longer.

Unleash the wilderness

Plants have been growing without your help for quite a few years now so they’ll be fine if you let them run wild. If you’re looking for control, this option isn’t for you, but cutting your involvement down to casual trimming frees up your time and lets your garden unleash its creativity.

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