The importance of tree care before and after storms using a professional arborist is often not emphasised enough. Now is an ideal time to check your tree health and the risk of a tree or tree branch falling before winter. This can pose a potential danger to the surrounding area. Powerful or alternating winds combined with rain that loosens the soil can cause a tree to fall, damaging property, powerlines and potentially injuring people. 

A strong, healthy tree has a lower risk of falling and becoming a hazard

It’s a good idea to check your trees before winter to minimise the risk of damage to your property and powerlines due to storms. This involves regular tree care and tree maintenance. At A1 Sure Services, our professional arborists will be able to assess a tree and recommend practical steps. This may involve tree pruning, tree trimming or tree removal in the Auckland region. 

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming in Auckland can be done to avoid property damage from the falling of tree branches. Cracked, drooping or twisted branches can be dangerous and are often the first to fall after a storm. 

If a branch becomes damaged, it can leave the tree open to disease. These branches must be safely removed to promote the further health of the tree. It also involves making sure the tree is balanced and not leaning significantly to one side. It is important for tree care before and after storms as the circumstances may have altered the potential risk. 

Tree Removal

Tree Removal will most likely be recommended if significant damage has been done to the structural integrity of the tree. For example, if disease or pests have infiltrated the tree causing the wood to decay. 

A large tree, with short roots, is at risk of falling over during heavy amounts of rain or a strong gust of wind. Large, heavy trees can cause significant amounts of damage and cause inconveniences if they fall over roads. At A1 Sure Services, we offer cheap tree removal in Auckland. Monitoring and maintaining these trees is especially important for tree care.

After removal, we can also offer our stump grinding service for the grinding and removal of the tree stumps. This is recommended as stumps can pose a potential hazard, sometimes grow back and cause pests and infestations.

We can also run 24 Hour emergency tree removal and tree cutting in the Northshore and West Auckland region. This emergency may be due to a road blockage or a tree that is close to causing significant damage.    

If a tree becomes tangled in electrical wires or is dangerously close to live-wires, it is important to make sure a trained, certified professional arborist such as A1 Sure Services is called in to help. We offer specialised pruning and tree cutting in Auckland. We are qualified in the safe operation of chainsaws, tree repair and major clean up.  Guaranteeing the best care for your tree. 

A1 Sure Services offers high quality, professional tree removal services in the north shore and west Auckland area. As professional arborists, we offer years of experience and excellent tree services such as tree removal West Auckland, tree removal North shore in Auckland, hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore and West Auckland region. We also provide tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland. Request a free quote today!