Pruning is an essential tool to use when caring for your garden and using a professional Auckland arborist can ensure you get the best prune for your desired purposes. In this article, we will discuss why you may want to prune your trees and delve further into when and how to prune your trees, and at what point might you need a skilled arborist. 

Reasons you may want to prune your trees

There are many reasons why you may want to prune your trees. 

  • Aesthetics
  • Safety
  • Health

Pruning a tree can aid in the shaping of a tree for future growth. This can allow you to manipulate how your tree looks once it is fully grown. For example, if you are looking to provide shade for your tree, a heavy canopy can be created by removing the lower branches. If the tree is going to be the location for a future treehouse, then particular attention can be focused on strengthening specific branches. 

It can even be used to create a more aesthetically pleasing, evenly shaped tree to create the perfect looking garden. 

The safety of a tree is especially of great importance. If the tree is being regularly climbed by children, near powerlines or buildings, these branches could become hazardous. It is then necessary to regularly inspect the tree branches health for cracking, decaying or dead tree branches. Heavy wind or pressure can cause these feeble branches to fall. 

If you want your tree to grow strong and healthy, pruning and tree trimming in Auckland is a useful tool. It can encourage growth in more important areas and thicken integral branches to improve the health of your tree. 

When to prune your trees

The time of year to prune your trees is dependent on the type of tree and what you want to achieve. Here are some guidelines and rules of thumb: 

  • Winter – A period of dormancy, winter pruning encourages new growth over spring. The best time to prune is after the coldest part of winter. 
  • Spring – Spring flowering trees should be pruned after the flowers have faded. Mid-late summer flowing trees should be pruned late winter or early spring.  
  • Summer – A great time to prune any branches you don’t want any further growth from. This can encourage root growth which is great for winter when the soil becomes looser. 
  • Autumn – Typically not a great time for pruning. Many diseases and fungi can be present in the air. 

Some handy do’s and don’t’s for pruning:


  • Prune without purpose
  • Remove too much foliage as this is how the tree gets its food
  • Prune a very young/ newly planted tree as they are still setting their roots
  • Try to use heavy machinery without experience


  • Remember that pruning can affect the growth/ life of the tree
  • Assess your tree after a storm
  • Hire a trained professional for large trees
  • Prune decaying, dead or rotting branches

When to hire a professional

Pruning young trees is often an easy enough process that it can be done by anyone. However, larger, decaying, rotting trees or trees quite close to powerlines pose a hazard. Branches can easily break and without the proper equipment, this could lead to injury. 

Here at A1 Sure Services, we are qualified arborists in Auckland with the skills and equipment to get the job done. We can further assess the health of the tree and offer cheap tree removal Auckland-wide should it be necessary. 

Pruning is an essential function of garden care. Make the most of your garden this year and have it looking its best. 

A1 Sure Services

At A1 Sure Services, we offer tree services in the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland and East Auckland area. A1 Sure Service works with both residential and commercial properties and can monitor and recommend tree care based on the overall health of the tree.


As professional arborists in the North Shore and Auckland-wide region, we are extremely safety conscious with a focus on providing high-quality tree services to our clients. We offer tree removal in the North Shore and Auckland-wide. As well as this, we also specialise in regular tree care with hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore, Central Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and the West Auckland regions.


The proper pruning of trees and shrubs is recommended for maintenance and successful plant health care. If you want the entire tree completely removed, we can even offer tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland.


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