The services of arborists in Auckland often include tree trimming and tree pruning. What exactly is the difference? Do they both serve the same purpose, or are there different reasons for getting each service done?

Some tree jobs can be DIY but if you’re looking for the best results for your property, make sure to find professionals. This blog will guide you to find the best service for you and why you should seek experts in Auckland tree services. 

What is Tree Trimming? 

Tree trimming is a service that involves trimming the growth of trees, shrubs and hedges. This is typically done to promote healthy growth and maintain your plants. Tree trimming is an excellent method to keep your plants in order and not grow out of control. 

With aesthetics being the main focus, tree trimming ensures that branches don’t grow out in multiple directions. An ugly-looking tree is the last thing you want on your beautiful property. Furthermore, tree trimming allows canopy lifting if you desire more space and clearings between your trees. Allowing more light to reach the lower branches. 

It is crucial to find a knowledgeable team of experts in tree trimming Auckland-wide. Aware of the climate and different tree species throughout Auckland. An experienced professional will advise you on approaching the trees on your property. Lastly, if you’re looking for quality tree cutting in North Shore, it might be best to seek a company with many years of experience. This way, you’ll be sure they know how to trim your trees effectively. 


What is Tree Pruning? 

Most people with little experience will believe that tree pruning is virtually the same as trimming. However, they each have their individual purposes. Some companies may refer to tree trimming and pruning as the same thing, but this isn’t quite correct. 

Tree pruning is similar to tree trimming as there is an aspect of maintenance that comes with both. Tree pruning, however, is more focused on the health and fruition of the plant. This can include removing branches and even select roots. Some of these reasons include: 

  • Increase exposure to the sun 
  • Avoid interactions with other trees
  • Decrease hazards to passersby
  • Encourage energy to focus on growth
  • Cultivate flowers or fruit

It’s prevalent for tree pruning to be used for the removal of dead tree branches and to create higher fruit yields. If a disease begins within the plant, tree pruning could save the tree from becoming fully infected. Again, when looking for an Auckland arborist, keep your eye out for experienced teams that have knowledge of diseases within trees. 


When Should I Be Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning My Trees? 

This question will depend on your situation. If you are dealing with a diseased or dying tree, then tree trimming or tree pruning at any time of the year is fine. However, this would be urgent as your tree may die if you don’t address the problem. 

Usually, there is a general timetable that you can follow to find the best time for trimming or pruning trees: 

Late Winter: Prune mature fruit trees (although, wait until the very end of winter for younger fruit trees) 
Late Summer: The best time to prune maple trees and birch trees 
Early Summer: The best time to trim hedges, early-spring 
Early Spring: Trees that bloom in summer are best pruned in this season

While the above timeframes indicate the best tree trimming timing, it is recommended you hire an Auckland arborist professional. With trees, knowledge is power – don’t risk damaging your plant life when the right team can ensure your property is healthy and aesthetic. 

Although there are a few hard rules regarding tree pruning, one of the critical rules to note is that you shouldn’t prune a tree after early spring growth; you risk stunting the development of the tree and may ruin the beauty that was meant to come. 

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