Many tree services in Auckland will claim to be experts in tree removal or tree felling, but is there a difference? Ultimately, the tree is cleared from the property, but the method is vastly different. 

An effective Auckland arborist should be capable of everything between tree trimming, tree removal and tree felling. The choice between tree removal and tree felling will depend on a number of factors that will be determined by an experienced arborist in Auckland.  

This article will outline the difference between the two and explain why one may be best for your situation.  

Tree Removal  

Looking for tree cutting in North Shore or cheap tree removal in Auckland? Tree removal is common within the suburbs of Auckland. unique as each tree will require a different approach. With varying levels of risk factors and levels of complexity, it’s essential to approach each tree as its own. 

With most tree removals, an arborist is required to dismantle the tree from top to bottom meticulously. This specific task requires an arborist to climb up the tree and lower down branches or trunk segments slowly to ensure the safe transition of pieces down to the ground.

The arborist will trim the surrounding branches to reduce the danger of the process to ensure each “piece” that comes down is easy to transfer. At an extra cost, once the tree has been reduced to a stump, stump grinding or stump removal can be utilised to finish the job.  

 Tree Felling 

Tree felling is a process that has been used for many years. The risks associated with tree felling are far more significant than tree removal, but it can be more efficient to fell a tree.  

The specific method of tree felling requires precision. Typically, a 90-degree notch cut is made to enter 20% of the trunk’s diameter. Next, a ‘felling cut’ is made from the back to wedge the tree then to fall in the desired direction.  

As this can be a hazardous task, the team needs to be very aware and be positioned safely. Although the cuts have been designed to push the tree in a particular direction, sometimes issues can arise. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that everything of value is safely out of reach, including homes, people and cars. 

When To Use Either? 

The location will heavily determine whether tree removal or tree felling is the best course of action. For example, a lifestyle or country property that sits with ample empty green spaces will be accustomed to tree felling. 

For example, if you have a large tree (with a large tree fall zone), you’ll need an extensive area surrounding the tree to ensure the safety of the people and property. Conversely, a large tree in a suburban neighbourhood or even in the city will not rely on tree felling. Here is where tree removal is a better alternative due to the densely packed people and buildings. 

Conversely, if you’re looking for tree removal in West Auckland – an area that is densely populated, tree removal will be the preference. Segmenting can allow for the tree to be removed around buildings and powerlines safely. 

Either way, an effective arborist will be able to gauge the removal method based on the situation. 

Land Clearing 

As mentioned above, ensuring a precise area is key to successful tree felling. Therefore, land clearing is a crucial component of tree felling – this involves removing trees, stumps, bush, stones and other obstacles from an area. 

While land clearing is crucial for safe and effective tree felling – the term “land clearing” can also refer to the tree felling itself. Large scale land clearing for property development may require the felling of many trees, so a flat canvas is provided for the project.  

A1 Sure Services

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