Tree Removal in Auckland can be not only difficult, but incredibly dangerous. It is essential to use a trained professional who has the right equipment, the right knowledge and the right experience for the job.

Here at A1 Sure Services, we have over 15 years of experience with tree removal in West Auckland, the North Shore and Auckland Wide. In this article, we will discuss the dangers of tree removal, how to spot if your tree might need removing and why you need a trained professional for the job.

The Dangers Of Tree Removal

Tree care work in general can be pretty hazardous when you don’t know what you are doing. However, tree removal is especially dangerous and the risk only increases the larger the tree. It requires extensive knowledge of tree physics, biology, cutting techniques and dangerous tools in order to successfully and safely remove the tree.

This coupled with falling branches, lack of safety equipment, sophisticated ropes and rigging equipment can therefore cause injury and even death.

Common dangers that exist when tree cutting include:

  • Powerlines – Working near powerlines can be incredibly risky and it is always safe to assume these wires are live. Hitting these can not only cause injury to the person felling the tree, but also to the entire neighbourhood who will have to go without power!
  • Improper equipment – This doesn’t just mean tools for cutting the tree, it also means tools for effective safety equipment from head to toe. This means helmets and goggles, gloves, climbing gear, harnesses as well as chain saws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers.
  • Decaying wood – Decaying or old wood can pose an unsafe environment when standing on branches and chopping the surrounding tree. Branches can break under heavy weight and segmenting the tree could even cause it to collapse. It is important to first assess the health of the tree to assess the best cause of action. Even professionals sometimes need cranes to remove these trees.
  • Gravity – Falling branches, debris and segments of the tree pose a hazard to the surrounding environment. That is why specialist rigging is needed to slowly lower the segments and branches of the tree in a controlled manner.

Cheap tree removal in Auckland doesn’t necessarily mean doing it yourself! It is important to hire an experienced, professional arborist in Auckland.

Reasons For Tree Removal

There are many reasons you may need to remove your tree and it is first important to decide whether or not removal is necessary or if you might just need tree trimming in Auckland.

Here are some of the main reasons a tree may need to be removed:

  • It is old or decaying
  • Has become too large
  • Is tilting heavily to one side
  • The branches are leaning to one side
  • Branches are falling or drooping
  • Aesthetic purposes

When deciding who to remove your tree, it is important to use someone who is trustworthy and experienced with a passion for landscaping.

A1 Sure Services

At A1 Sure Services, we offer tree services in the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, South Auckland and Eastern Auckland area. A1 Sure Service works with both residential and commercial properties and can monitor and recommend tree care based on the overall health of the tree.

As professional arborists in the North Shore and Auckland-wide region, we are extremely safety conscious with a focus on providing high-quality tree services to our clients. We offer tree removal in the North Shore and Auckland-wide As well as this, we also specialise in regular tree care with hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore, Central Auckland, South Auckland, East Auckland and the West Auckland regions.

The proper pruning of trees and shrubs is recommended for maintenance and successful plant health care. If you want the entire tree completely removed, we can even offer tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland.

Contact us today for all your required emergency tree removal services and we’ll complete a free no-obligation on-site inspection within 48 hours. Request a quote here.