We all love trees; they provide us with oxygen and shade, they’re home to the birds and bees, and they add a majestic beauty to the world around us. So why would you want to remove that big, beautiful tree from your backyard?

Unfortunately, many trees (especially large, elderly ones) can cause problems for home-owners. In fact, here at A1 Sure Services tree removal is one of our most requested jobs. Today we’re taking a look at when and why you might want to consider tree removal.


The most obvious reason for requesting tree removal is that some trees are dangerous. If a tree on your property is old and overgrown there could be weak, unhealthy branches on it. This makes it susceptible to storm and weather damage.

Falling branches can cause serious injury to people nearby. If you have children who like to climb trees they will be at greater risk. However, regular tree trimming or tree pruning is often enough to alleviate this risk. Our safety experts can advise if you’re unsure.

Overgrown Roots

In some cases, a large or overgrown tree may damage the structural integrity of nearby buildings. Big roots can grow to reach and invade the base of your house, gradually weakening its structure and foundations. Overgrown trees can also have a destructive impact on sewer lines and electricity. All of this can make a house unsafe while also decreasing its value. Once again, your best course of action is to consult one of our experts rather than jumping straight to tree removal.


Big trees are beautiful, there’s no doubt about it. But some home-owners don’t like their property being shrouded in shade. There’s also the unfortunate situation where trees can block beautiful views that would otherwise be seen from your home, decreasing value.

Large and overgrown trees will also shed plenty of leaves in autumn, creating a mess over the whole lawn and even the side-walk. Usually tree trimming can reduce your tree to a manageable size, restoring views and reducing mess, but in some cases tree removal may be your best option.

Time & Money

If you have a problem tree removing it may save you time and money in the long run. Removing leaves from the driveway, side-walk and gutter during autumn can be hugely time consuming. And regular tree trimming can become expensive if it’s a large tree that requires several professional jobs.

So there you have it, a few reasons why you might consider tree removal on your property. But tree removal is a serious action to take, and it’s always best to talk to our experts for advice before taking drastic actions. Unnecessary tree removal can have detrimental environmental consequences, and there are council regulations to think about if you want to avoid hefty fines.

Here at A1 Sure Services we can give your tree an assessment and see if tree removal is really right for you! For a FREE quote just give us a call on  (09) 446 1258 or 021 175 8660. Areas We Service.