Emergency Tree Care

Well, it’s finally winding down to Christmas. It’s been a full on year. Good to see the summer kicking in. We’ve had a few storms and some harsh winds over the last few weeks so today we’re taking a look at emergency tree care and storms and what you can do to keep you and your family safe around your home and yard from trees.

After a storm, it’s good to have a good look and inspect your trees for any cracked, drooping, twisted branches or limbs. Obviously, these can be dangerous if they were to fall. If you do see any damage give us a call at A1 Sure Services, we’ll do any branch or tree removal necessary and of course what property maintenance is required to get your yard looking picture perfect for the Christmas break and get together.

We’ll get rid of the damaged limbs then further assess what could be a potential danger in the future and discuss what needs to be done. We’re all about safety and trying to prevent the loss of trees where possible.

Anything major that may require tree removal then we can also do the stump grinding, even out the ground and get the grass seeds on there quick and have your lawn on the way to looking like new.

Our landscaping professionals and gardeners are a passionate bunch who pride themselves on top quality workmanship and are keen to not only do the job right but also work with your vision in mind for the future of your garden.

Planning, Garden Design and Landscaping

Whatever your overall plan or dream look you have for your garden. The A1 Sure Services landscaping and property maintenance team want nothing more than for you to achieve this and have all the tools, finesse, muscle and skills for you to achieve this. Shaping and cutting to promote growth or slow it down. Build your decks or retaining walls, get the paving done, instant lawns and any overdue fencing that’s been on the to-do list for too long.

Anything you need to get done to get your property looking ready for Christmas or your new year’s resolution list.

Garden Ideas

We’ve got endless solutions for every garden idea you might have. Big or small. Food gardens, small gardens, shade gardens and even regional gardens. English, Japanese, New Zealand native or a hint of Arizona or your own Aspen style escape. Perhaps create the photographer’s dream garden? Give us a call on 021 175 8660 and we can discuss the right solution for you and how our team can transform your garden.