Springtime is upon us…

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the trees are starting to blossom. Now is a great time to get outside and prepare your trees for the spring and summer months so they can flourish, thrive and achieve their full potential.

Here are some spring tree care tips to help you check the health of your trees and keep your garden looking its best in the upcoming months.

Spring Clean: Grab a rake and collect together then remove any debris beneath the trees, such as leaves, twigs or fruit. These can provide the perfect conditions for fungal growth and removing them lessens the risk.

Inspect for Damage: During the winter season, your trees can be damaged by extreme weather such as high winds and heavy rain. Therefore, when giving your landscape a bit of a spring clean, you should take a close look at your trees and shrubs for any potential damage. If you notice anything unusual it is advised you contact a trained arborist, such as A1 Sure Services, to determine whether treatment or complete removal is required.

Check for Pests/Disease: Do some research on which pests and diseases can potentially harm your trees and learn to look out for them when inspecting your garden. If left unchecked, they could potentially wreak havoc on your plants and trees. Most pests are fairly easy to get rid of if you catch them early. If you have a persistent pest problem then you may need to contact a trained arborist. Diseased trees can be harder to deal with and will sometimes require complete removal.

Prune your Trees: While winter is generally considered the best time for pruning your trees, in spring you can remove dead, damaged or broken branches to help encourage new growth. For more difficult or advanced pruning jobs contact A1 Sure Services. We have trained arborists with the latest equipment to ensure we service your trees safely and efficiently.

Mulch your Garden: This is especially important when caring for younger trees. Mulch is used to stop weeds and maintain moisture. Be aware that laying mulch against the tree trunk will retain moisture and heat, encouraging fungal growth. Ensure you apply the layer of mulch around the bottom of the tree, not up the trunk.

Fertilise your Trees and Plants: Applying a fertiliser to your garden will replace any lost nutrients and boost their resistance to potential damage caused by disease, insects and/or the elements. Making this an annual routine will ensure your trees’ health and growth.

Plant New Trees: Spring isn’t just a great time for looking after your existing trees. It’s also a perfect time to plant some new ones. Be sure to do extensive research before deciding which tree to plant and where to plant it. Things to consider are: underground utilities, such as gas or water mains, overhead obstructions like power lines, and trunk flare.

The main thing to remember when working on your trees is to be safe. If you are not confident in your own ability to complete a task, contact A1 Sure Services. We are fully qualified and insured arborists with the latest equipment, machinery and training, allowing us to complete any job in the safest and most efficient manner.

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