At A1 Sure Services our passion is to provide exceptional tree removal services to both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch with us for tree removal in Auckland, from Central Auckland to the North Shore and Silverdale.

We all know trees are an important part of our world but sometimes tree removal is needed when it can cause more harm than good. Trees can quickly become trouble if they become weak or infested or even grow too close to houses and structures. The first step is hiring an experienced, professional arborist to remove the tree/s.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to recognise the symptoms of a sick or dangerous tree until it is too late. Below we let you know the four signs to keep an eye out for when tree removal is needed.


First, let’s check the location of the trees. Is the tree close to buildings which the branches are touching? Is the tree blocking the natural sunlight from inside your home? If the sun is being blocked from large areas of your garden it can prevent grass from growing properly or even cause mould to grow in your home. Make sure you the hidden parts of the tree – the roots. If any drains or underground utilities have been affected or if you find your concrete paths are cracking, then there is clearly an issue. We advise it’s time to consider removing the tree.


Take a look and inspect the individual branches of your tree. Are there any dead or hanging branches that could fall during a strong wind? You should also be cautious of trees that are on a lean and could fall on surrounding structures such as a driveway, house or cars. Another concern is tree height. Especially if there are overhead power lines sitting directly above the branches… or if the branches are starting to grow around the cables. Calling in a professional for tree removal will ease your worries and sort the issues out for you.

State of Leaves & Bark

If your tree is losing leaves, growing strange lumps or fungus, we’re sad to say it is likely diseased. Not only do diseases make the tree appear visually unattractive, but it can also weaken the structural integrity of the tree causing it to become dangerous. To figure out how badly affected your tree is, call in a professional to assess the tree for you. They will be able to send you in the right direction to help bring your tree back to good health or if the tree is too far gone, they can help you with correct tree removal.


It’s important to have any defects in your tree investigated by a trained professional. Certain imperfections may increase the risk of unwanted tree fall. You want to prevent any accidents before they happen. The worst thing would be If a tree falls on a person or property- resulting in injuries and unnecessary financial costs as some insurance companies do not cover damage caused by falling trees as they classify them as acts of nature.

Tree removal can be a very difficult and challenging task. But hiring a professional tree removal service from A1 Sure Services is the best option. We have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently handle the job. The safety of our team and the public is our top priority and we don’t take shortcuts or take unnecessary risks. We always value and respect our environment. Give us a call today on 021 175 8660.

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