Replanting trees after tree removal in Auckland is vital for both us and our environment. We offer tree services in the North shore and Auckland-wide. Tree removal will always be a necessity to help keep us and our surroundings safe. Also for maintaining practicality and the aesthetic of your property. However, after a tree is removed we often forget to think about the negative impacts it might have on the environment. In this article, I will discuss the importance of trees, why and how to replant.

Decrease the risk of climate change

Undoubtedly, trees are a natural carbon store, and with the issue of global warming becoming increasingly more of a reality, replanting is becoming more essential. Next time you require tree removal in the North shore or Auckland-wide, make sure to replant in your property or surrounding areas.

Our cheap tree removal in Auckland and the North shore is essential for garden care and your safety including our expert tree trimming services. Sometimes, tree removal is necessary and unavoidable. A tree may have died, is leaning heavily to one side or harbouring pests. This can be saddening having to cut down a beautiful mature tree that provides beautiful shade and clean air. 

Trees play a vital role in our lives and the environment. Trees provide home and a food source for an endless stream of wildlife. Replanting can help rejuvenate your garden and replace the role of the previous tree in providing food and shade. You are also able to choose your desired tree and create a brand new style for your garden. 

Increase in land worth

As well as helping the environment, a well-kept tree can improve the aesthetic of your property. We offer pruning and tree trimming in Auckland and the North shore which can help maintain plant health care. As well as this, if a tree is a hazard or if it is simply unsightly, we offer tree removal in the North shore and Auckland. 

Trees also provide us with oxygen, as well as being natural filters to the air and soil. This helps increase land and air quality in your area. As well as this, trees, especially dense hedges, can act as a natural sound buffer, which is perfect for neighbourhoods with busy roads. Enquire about our planting service to help achieve your vision for your property as well as increasing its worth.

The process

The process of tree planting can be quite daunting for busy lifestyles. It involves evaluating your land, digging a hole large enough to accommodate for the roots, adding soil and any extra nutrients needed. 

It’s important to give young trees and shrubs the best shot at survival. There are a few things to consider when planting a tree, such as its purpose. This could be anything from shade to food, or to attract certain wildlife. Also consider the environment to see if it has essential qualities for certain trees to grow,  for example:

  • Good drainage
  • Free space
  • Adequate light and soil for the plant species
  • Shelter from the wind  

A1 Sure Services

A1 Sure Services, no job is too big or too small. As a family-run business with over 20 years of arborist experience, we provide high-quality and affordable tree care services to residential and commercial clients, Auckland-Wide. 


We have public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 


Our services include tree removal, tree felling, land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal and emergency tree services. We also offer a free on-site inspection typically within 48 hours of enquiry and highly competitive pricing every single time. 


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