One of the best things that anyone can do to keep their trees healthy is to put down a good layer of mulch around them. When that’s done correctly, the tree can better absorb nutrients from healthier soils and flourish.


Care needs to be taken, though, because improperly placed mulch can either be pointless or outright damaging to the tree’s health, which would be a terrible waste of a tree and all the mulching material.

Proper mulching has some great benefits:

  • It keeps the soil from drying out too much.
  • Weeds have a harder time growing through good mulch.
  • It insulates tree roots from extreme seasonal temperatures.
  • Placing it improves the soil’s biological structure and hydrological drainage properties.
  • It improves the fertility of the soil as the right kinds of organic mulch decompose.
  • It reduces the risk of damaging tree trunks and roots with lawnmowers and weed eaters.
  • It looks interesting and beautiful!


Things to avoid when mulching:

Inorganic mulches like crushed rock and synthetic materials are much easier to maintain since they don’t decompose or require periodic replacement, and they keep their colors, but they also do nothing to improve soil health. Most professional tree services prefer to apply organic mulch for the sake of a garden’s health.

Applying too much or too little mulch can cause a number of problems. If the mulch is too thick, it can prevent drainage. This may also trap extra moisture underground, especially in wetter climates. This can lead the roots of the tree to rot in place, among other problems.

Mulch piled up too close to the tree trunk can provide habitats for unwanted pests, and any amount of the wrong kind of organic mulch can detrimentally affect the soil’s acidity.


Good Mulching Strategy:

  • Takes into account the site’s drainage, and applies more or less mulch accordingly.
  • Considers the nutrient and acidity needs of all the other plants that grow in the soil beneath the mulch.
  • Covers as much of the tree’s root system as possible, at least as far out as the branches extend, but doesn’t bury the base of the trunk.
  • Uses wood chips that have already been composted, in order to add nutrients rather than removing them from the soil.


Our expert tree arborists are familiar with climate and soil conditions around the Auckland North Shore area, and will easily be able to determine the right kind of mulch the trees will need on your property.

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