Autumn is a lovely time of the year. Finally, the summer heat will let up and you have the opportunity to start preparing your garden for next spring. Whether you have a healthy herb garden or some lovely flower beds, this is the best time to start planning out how your garden will look in the following seasons.

Here are some landscaping tips to help you have an Autumn-ready property:

  • Start mulching – The summer heat may have drained your flowerbeds of the moisture it needs to keep your flowering plants in tip top shape. Mulch is the perfect way to add nutrients to the soil, suppress weed growth and lock in moisture. At A1 Sure Services, we have carefully prepared and aged mulch to ensure your plants and trees will thrive.
  • Get into the autumn mood – Plant red and orange-based plants and flowers to match the colours of the turning leaves of autumn. Consider orange heleniums, heucheras, and cannas. Talk to our landscaping experts if you have specific concerns about design or plant selection.
  • Consider pruning – Check on the health of your trees, if any of them need to thinned out or have the crown lifted, call in the professionals to help you with your tree pruning.
  • Trim the hedges – Now is the perfect time to work on keeping those hedges bushy and compact. Having well-trimmed hedges over autumn creates a good framework for your winter garden. Check out our property maintenance services to help you with your hedges.
  • Plan for winter – Get your winter flower seedlings ready. Pansy, poppies, snapdragons should be planted in autumn to give them time to grow for winter.
  • Get your spring plants in order – Bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths need to chill in the fridge for a few weeks and be given time to develop roots and settle in during autumn.
  • Remove any dead trees – This applies to any season, for any tree. If you have one in your garden, it needs to be removed immediately to avoid accidents involving people and property. Dead trees can fall over any time and may start dropping branches at an unsuspecting passer-by.

Beautiful autumn gardens take planning and a bit of elbow grease. Let us help you with your property maintenance, tree removal, tree pruning and general landscaping needs. Call A1 Sure Services today. Our team of experienced landscape builders and gardeners are ready to help you plan, design and construct your dream garden.