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 Palm trees are a common sight around Auckland and the North Shore and have become synonymous with tropical and subtropical weather. And while they are a welcome part of the city and scenery, they actually differ quite a lot from other trees. This means they require special care when doing any kind of maintenance on them, and you may even need to contact a tree care specialist for advice or help when performing said maintenance.

 There are a bunch of differences between palm trees and other trees but there are four main ones when it comes to looking after them and ensuring they remain healthy and happy:

 Fertilising Newly Planted Palms

Fertilising newly planted trees tends to be helpful and encourages healthy growth in many species of trees. This is not the case for Palms. Fertilising freshly planted palm trees can damage their root system which is quite delicate in the early stages. Allowing it to establish a root system is highly recommended. This can take 3-5 months, at which point it is much safer to fertilise the soil.

 Sunlight Needs

Like most other trees, Palms love sunlight. They enjoy plenty of exposure and grow best when provided with as much sunlight as possible. However, this isn’t the case when the palms are younger. Newly planted and younger palm trees should be kept in areas that receive some shade throughout the day. Constant exposure to the harsh sunlight can cause the young palms to become scorched in their delicate early stages.

 Pruning/Trimming Palm Trees

Pruning your trees is a completely normal and recommended practice. Removing dead or diseased limbs ensures your tree stays healthy and happy. Sometimes the task can be too much and you will need to call a professional arborist with specialised equipment to complete the job. When it comes to palm trees, it’s not as straightforward as other trees. Removing fronds from a palm tree prematurely can lead to further problems and put a lot of stress on the palm. Removing the fronds too early deprives the tree of much-needed nutrients and causes a bunch of unwanted issues. A1 Sure Services can provide expert services in palm tree trimming Auckland-wide!

 Sealing Up Wounds/Damage

Most trees have developed ways of dealing with damage and preventing the spread of fungi and diseases. Compartmentalisation is when a tree encapsulates the wound or diseased area with sap and other chemicals to prevent further stress or damage. Palms are unable to compartmentalise wounds. This means that even some minor damage can lead to the eventual death of an adult palm tree. This is why it is important to plant new palms in places where they are less susceptible to physical damage. Keeping them in sheltered areas will reduce their risk of becoming storm damaged or affected by other debris.

 Because palms require special care, it’s important to speak to qualified arborists for advice around them. A1 Sure Services operate in the greater Auckland area and can meet all your needs when it comes to tree care and tree removal services.

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