Large tree removals in Auckland can require a significant amount of consideration. There are many reasons that someone may want to remove a tree:  

  • the tree may have died, 
  • the tree may possess pests or diseases, 
  • it may pose a threat of injury or danger to civilians,
  • it may need to be cleared away for development,
  • or the tree may have become too big.

  Trees that are too big may simply require tree trimming in Auckland and tree cutting in Auckland. This may refer to reducing the size of the tree or trimming the tree to make sure it is not leaning to one side. We understand the importance of tree care


 Sometimes, it requires the removal of a tree. This becomes a difficult task when the trees are very large, close to powerlines, houses or pedestrians. 


 At A1 Sure Services, we offer cheap tree removal in the Auckland region. We have the necessary skills and equipment for safe tree removal. We always use the latest machinery, equipment and training of staff. 


 Often a large tree cannot simply be cut down at the base of the trunk. The process is slow and meticulous. It must be done section by section. This involves scaling the tree using specialised equipment to ensure the safety of our team and passersby. 


Our team have to be comfortable at highs and are skilled abseilers


 Sometimes rigging will be used to lower the pieces down safely. This can control the speed and direction of the wood pieces. Making sure they land safely. This process is ideal to be used on overhanging, intricately positioned trees.


 Once the tree is sufficiently chopped into individual pieces, we also offer a stump grinding service. Stumps can be at risk to the property as an obstruction, a place for pests to nest and has the potential for re-growth. It is then important to enlist the grinding and removal of tree stumps. 


 We can turn the tree stumps into chipping mulch using our stump grinders and the pieces of wood can be made into firewood. This depends largely on the quality and health of the wood. 


 A1 Sure Services offers high quality, professional tree removal services in the north shore and west Auckland area. As professional arborists in Auckland, we offer years of experience and excellent tree services such as tree removal West Auckland, tree removal North shore in Auckland, hedge trimming and tree pruning in the North Shore and West Auckland region. 

We also provide tree stump removal and stump grinding in Auckland. Send an enquiry out through our website to receive a free quote online today!