Land Clearing service | A1 Sure Services | Auckland's Leading Tree Removal & Tree Care Specialist

Land Clearing service | A1 Sure Services | Auckland’s Leading Tree Removal & Tree Care Specialist

In Auckland every metre of your property has value. It’s crucial to put your land to the best use possible. A backyard full of brambles and gorse isn’t any use to you and doesn’t add value to your property either.

If you get your land cleared you can utilise it for gardening, putting in a pool, having a decent BBQ, space for the kids to run around or even backyard cricket!

If you’re looking for investment your cleared land is ideal for construction and renovations.

By pulling down a few trees or clearing scrub you may have room for a deck that extends into the backyard or even another building if you are looking to subdivide. Clearing your land can add massive potential and value to your property.

However clearing bush, trees and shrubs from large areas of land is not an easy job. You can’t just attack everything in sight with an axe. Clearing land is all about leaving a blank but fertile canvas to begin your next project.

All the plant material that is chopped down or pulled out should be recycled for later use or removed from the area. This can amount to a lot of hard, hot, specialised work that requires a trusty team with the right equipment.

Trees Care

It can be particularly problematic if you are wanting to preserve some plants while getting rid of others. For instance, if you want to pull out an old tree that has entangled its roots with a tree you want to keep.

It’s imperative you carefully cut away the unwanted tree’s roots without causing too much damage to the other tree. Our specialised equipment and years of experience mean we can do this with minimal damage to the wanted plants.

Grassing Lawn

One of the most frustrating things is to go through all the effort to clear the land for a nice lawn only to have weeds pop up and your grass seeds not take.

A skilled arborist and landscaping team like us at A1 Sure Services know what weed killer chemicals to use that will eliminate the problem while ensuring the grass can spring up in a fertile environment.

Here at A1 Sure Services we offer specialist tree care and landscaping around the greater Auckland area. We’re experienced in tree services such as stump grinding, mulching, tree felling, tree removal, tree relocation, tree planting, tree trimming, property maintenance and land clearing.

Our Auckland arborist crew have been trained up with all the necessary skills and machinery to complete all tree care and landscaping services to the highest quality.

Land Clearing Services from A1 Sure Services is the best option. We have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently handle the job. The safety of our team and the public is our top priority and we don’t take shortcuts or take unnecessary risks. We always value and respect our environment. Give us a call today on 021 175 8660No project is too big or small for our Auckland tree services crew. Give us a call today to get that piece of land cleared and start making the most of your property!