Garden pests have to be some of the most annoying things in the world. They can be incredibly difficult to get rid of and can cause widespread destruction to your garden.

 Dealing with pests once they’ve already set up shop is a massive headache. That’s why it’s best to be ahead of the game and use preventative measure to stay on top of the issue. The ultimate goal is to keep the pests from killing off your trees which will then require tree care specialists to come and remove them with specialised equipment. Here are a few ways you can prevent pests from invading.


  1. Take a close look at all of your plants on a regular basis. Whenever you’re out tree trimming or tree pruning or even hedge trimming, take a very close look for any signs or indicators of pests. Many pests are very small and will require a keen eye to spot. Be sure to pay close attention.


  1. Remove dead trees immediately. Dead or dying trees could be harboring pests or disease which can then spread to the rest of your garden and wreak havoc. It is highly recommended you contact qualified arborists to provide a tree removal service. Arborists have been trained to deal with all types of jobs and have the right equipment to effectively and safely remove a dead tree.


  1. If you notice a tree is in the process of dying or is diseased then again calling a professional arborist is highly recommended. They can assess the tree’s health and potentially remove the tree completely or provide other tree services. Removing the tree yourself is not recommended as there are huge health and safety concerns associated with it.


  1. If you have any rotted or diseased wood on your property, be sure to cover it with plastic or a tarpaulin to prevent any pests that may have taken residence from spreading and get rid of it as soon as possible.


  1. Don’t be afraid to apply pesticides when necessary. Pesticides may get a bad rap, but if you aren’t using them on fruits or vegetables then they are perfectly safe and acceptable to use. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to give A1 Sure Services a call for some advice or an assessment of your trees and garden.


There are a wide variety of pests out there that attack our trees and gardens causing them to become diseased and even die. Because of international trade, new pests are arriving in our country every day. That just means you have to remain vigilant and constantly be on the lookout for signs of damage or pests in your gardens.


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