As we come up to Spring, your trees will be awakening from their long winter nap. As the sun shines a bit longer and the temperatures get warmer, the trees will begin their budding and flowering. 

You may be a new homeowner looking to care for your property’s trees, a company owner with several trees on the premises or a landscaper looking to learn a bit more. Regardless, this blog will feature a list of tips and tricks to ensure that your trees excel during the Spring season. 


Clean The Lawn/Grounds

Before getting underway with anything, you must ensure the tree and surrounding areas are clear of debris. Plenty of weeds will likely have grown around the base of trees or even generally throughout your land. 

Winter is the best time to pull out weeds as Spring is one of the most crucial periods for plant growth. It’s also essential to rake approximately three or four feet out from the base of the tree to ensure the tree absorbs plenty of moisture and nutrients. Give your trees the best start to the season with a clean slate! 


Laying Down The Mulch

Once you have cleared the tree base from leaves and debris, you can get to laying down the mulch. It’s recommended that you lay down the mulch to be approximately three to four inches thick. 

Read ‘Perks of Using Tree Removal Mulch in the Garden’ for more information. 

This may seem excessive; however, this robust protective layer will allow trees to retain more water and decrease the volume of run-off. Finally, the addition of mulch will also act as an effective barrier against weed growth.   


Water The Plants and Trees

No plant will say ‘no’ to a watering. Especially at the beginning of Spring, plants will have undergone a very dry and cold winter. A thorough watering at the beginning of Spring will give your trees that moisture boost to make sure the trees are healthy and protected from disease. 

Younger trees need to be carefully watered as they are still fragile. It’s recommended that you water younger trees closer to the trunk as the roots are not established and have not spread out as extensively as older trees. 


Ideal Time For Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning is an integral part of preparing your trees for Spring. As fewer leaves are on the branches than in other months of the year, you have the perfect opportunity to sculpt your tree into your desired structure. The end of winter is also associated with a decreased presence of bugs, pests and a lower risk of tree disease. 

Although qualified landscapers will have the necessary skill set to prune trees, if you’re a homeowner with limited experience – you may need the help of A1 Sure Services. Our team of qualified arborists have the best equipment for managing soaring heights and various sizes of trees – we can also advise you on the best approach for ensuring your trees thrive in Spring. 


A1 Sure Services 

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