The world wouldn’t be able to function without trees creating oxygen, shade or just the simple beauty they add to our surroundings. Trees have many benefits and as the tree grows in size so do the benefits. 

 But sometimes growing trees start to die, get damaged by the elements, insects or disease which then creates some questions around the safety of said trees. When figuring out whether a tree poses a risk or not, it’s important to look at how the trees are impacting communities or individuals. 

 A tree that becomes questionable often has structural impurities and will likely end up falling on a person, a vehicle or a building. All things that can be severely impacted. To reduce the risk of trees or branches falling, it’s important to inspect your trees. Autumn is a good time as the leaves have fallen and it’s easier to spot any decay. It is also important to inspect especially large trees after a storm as they are more likely to have been impacted by high winds. If you suspect your tree may pose a risk, then that is the time to call in a professional to come and inspect and remove if necessary.

 Some key things to look out for when inspecting your trees are weakening of branches or the tree trunk, decay, issues with the roots, any dead wood or cracks in branches or the base of the tree. You may also spot changing colours on your tree trunks which can be an indication of disease. In the case of disease, you will need to make sure to sort the problem as soon as possible as to not allow the disease to spread to other nearby trees. 

 It can be difficult at times to assess and figure out if your trees do pose a risk to anyone or anything, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any physical changes you see and contact the experts. Do not hesitate to contact someone who has the knowledge to properly assess the tree, it’s important to get it sorted sooner rather than later to stop any possible negative impacts.

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