It’s that time of the year when firewood becomes our best friend! During winter, there’s nothing cosier than laying back in front of a fireplace and keeping warm. Only a few things are more nostalgic than wood-burned fire, especially when you catch a waft of it blowing through the air outside. 

While firewood does grow on trees, you should still do everything in your power to save money. This blog will give you some top tips on making the most out of your firewood. From seasonal buying to the way you stack, you’ll leave this article ready to tackle the cool winter ahead. 


Ensure You’re Buying 100% Wood From A Reputable Seller 

As a rule of thumb, you should always purchase wood from companies that sell reputable and quality firewood. A1 Sure Services is an Auckland-based arborist that is also the purveyor of high-quality firewood. With over 25 years in the business, A1 Sure Services has grown substantial knowledge in understanding the best wood that should be included in our “hot-mix” firewood cubes. 

With a mix of short-burning and long-burning wood, our firewood is sure to provide you with quality heating throughout the winter. Mainly consisting of a blend of Pine, Macrocarpa and Gum – the “hot-mix” will also include the wood of arborist-removed trees with Oak, Totara, Pohutukawa and more!


Buying Firewood At The Right Time Of The Year

While firewood is most commonly used in wintertime, there is a seasonal sweet spot you should look out for when purchasing your annual supply. At the end of winter, spring and the start of summer – these are your golden opportunities to ensure you’re buying firewood at the best time.

Have maximum control of the drying process at these times. Buying outside of these seasons may make it more challenging to keep the wood dry due to the wetter and colder climate. Planning will ensure that your firewood is in the best condition to burn in the evenings and provide warmth for you and your family. 


Store Firewood In The Most Effective Way

Storing firewood is an art in itself. This process must be done efficiently to ensure your wood remains in good condition before the colder season begins. Retaining the firewood in a dry area is integral, but many forget that firewood also needs airflow to maintain dryness. 

An adequate cover will also help you keep the dampness away. However, many people use tarps as their method but they can still lead to condensation forming on the underside of them. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that you stack the firewood on pellets if they’re available. The increased airflow should help counteract the condensation.  


Regularly Clean Your Fireplace

Many people overlook chimney cleaning, but it’s an essential part of reducing the risk of chimney fires. Having quality firewood is also about having a safety device for you to burn it in. Officials recommend your chimney maintains an excellent draft to ensure the safe passage of high-temperature smoke. 

Modern-day wood heaters have been praised for their technology which produces less smoke, minimal ash, and burns far more efficiently than the older variations. Emitting less smoke is also helpful in the fight for global sustainability and carbon emissions. 


A1 Sure Services 

At A1 Sure Services, we sell the popular “HOT MIX” firewood – a combination of fast-starting and slow-burning woods. The three main types in the mix are Pine, Macrocarpa and Gum. The mix may also include other arborist-removed trees such as Oak, Totora, Pohutukawa, etc.

For $150 per cube, we can provide free delivery when:

  • Two cubes are purchased, and you live in North Shore, Whangaparaoa or Orewa
  • Three cubes are purchased, and you live in Rodney District 
  • Four cubes are purchased, and you live in East, Central or South Auckland 

The wood has been split, stored, and seasoned on-site and is ready for burning this winter. All pieces are standard firewood size with pieces of approx. 30cm in length  – fitting most standard wood burners. Please note we only offer Hotmix (we do not have different types of wood for sale separately).⁠

To place an order, please either fill out the contact form or contact us directly by emailing [email protected].

Please advise your name, address, how many cubes you would like and where you want the wood to be dropped, and we can schedule a delivery.

If you have a preferred delivery date, please also advise.