Trees are known for their leafy, picturesque and serene imagery – it’s hard to believe that a tree removal is even an option. However, just as they can be beautiful, trees can be incredibly destructive. 

The team at A1 Sure Services has certainly seen their fair share of destructive trees. These experiences are what make us the perfect option for any tree cutting or tree removal in Auckland. If you have a tree on your property that concerns you, we’d love to work together to solve the issue.  

This article will show you how tree removal can save your land. 

Roots of the Tree Intruding  

Tree roots have the strength and the power to cause a heap of damage. As one of the most common issues that arise from rogue trees, they can wreak havoc in several ways. For example, their continuous growth can invade the area under your house. In addition, the soil and material under the foundation can be moved by the roots and thus create weak points in your foundation.  

While the foundation is an integral part of the home, the roots can also get into the plumbing pipes. If you’ve ever observed water building up in your basement, like small unexplained puddles of water – it’s likely to be due to root intrusion.   

To navigate through these problems, you will need the help of a professional. The team at A1 Sure Services are more than equipped to help you out if you get stuck!  

Dead Trees Affecting Land 

While dead trees may not seem like they pose a significant threat, they have the potential to be destructive. Knowing your tree’s health will give you insight into the appropriate actions that need to take place. One of the most notable features of dangerous dead trees is the presence of cracks in the trunk. 

Cracks in dead trees can arise from many reasons, such as storms, diseases, and the tree’s weight. At any point in time, the tree could break off or completely collapse – damaging whatever may be in its way. If you’re lucky, the tree may fall in the opposite direction and not touch your property. However, many are unlucky.   

A tree falling on a house, for example, can damage multiple levels of the house. As a result, repairs may be necessary, such as the roof – which can take quite a beating. Avoid dealing with this potential devastation by getting the tree cleared from your property as soon as possible. 

Pests & Insects 

Dead trees are the perfect habitat for everything pesky. Insects and rodents love these tiny cavities as they can breed and be protected from predators. Unfortunately, spiders, termites, rats, and squirrels can all wreak havoc in the home. 

The tree’s proximity to the house is significant in how severe an infestation can affect your home. If you do have trees near your home, you may expect to find some uninvited guests in your home. Therefore, one of the most important parts of searching for a new property/house is examining the surrounding tree life. 

Many are aware of the clear risk that termites can bring to the home; however, they’re not alone when it comes to causing damage. Possums can jump from branch to branch, and if those trees linked up to the house, the squirrels can land on the roof. Here, the squirrels may burrow into the roof and intrude on the foundations of your home. 

In Conclusion, several issues can arise from dead trees that can be catastrophic. A1 Sure Services has a multitude of solutions that can save you from avoidable damage. Aesthetically speaking, dead trees are an eyesore and shouldn’t bring down the visual beauty of your property.  

A1 Sure Services 

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Our services include tree removal, tree felling, land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal and emergency tree services. We also offer a free on-site inspection typically within 48 hours of enquiry and highly competitive pricing every single time. 

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