Citrus trees are a great addition to any lawn or garden, giving it a nice tropical mood. But citrus trees can’t make you feel like you’re living in paradise if they’re having trouble bearing citrus fruit like lemons or oranges. Fortunately, there are many ways you can infuse life back into your citrus trees so that they can bloom and bring life back to your lawn or garden.

If your citrus tree is struggling or unable to bear fruit, then the most likely problems are the amount of sunshine and water it’s getting. At least five hours of sunshine a day are required for maximum fruition, so if something is blocking sunlight from your citrus tree, then remove the obstacle if it can be removed. Alternatively, plant your citrus tree in a clear area or at an angle where they can receive the proper amount of unblocked sunlight they need to bear fruit.

Since most varieties of citrus trees also have big roots, make sure that your citrus trees aren’t planted in an area crowded with other trees, since they might not be getting enough space to grow their roots to get nutrients from the soil which are needed to bear fruit.

As for water, citrus trees need water to bear fruit but only if the water can be drained quickly. Aside from quick rain showers, infrequently treating your citrus trees to quick, deep watering will help them bear fruit faster.

Another problem might have to do with the climate you live in. If you live in a warmer area (like New Zealand), then citrus trees need to be planted in autumn whereas in colder climates, trees need to be planted in the spring when the soil is warming up. Otherwise, your citrus trees will struggle to bear fruit.

Also, if you prune your citrus trees a lot, try to cut back. Citrus don’t need pruning to bear fruit well, and excessive pruning can cut away a lot of branches and other space needed to grow fruit.

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