It’s easy to forget that after doing a tree removal, it’s not the end of the process, as you will still have the stump to deal with. Many people choose to simply leave the stump as is, but according to our arborists at A1 Sure Services stump grinding/removal is highly recommended. Here are a few reasons why:

Health and Safety

A stump left for a while can be forgotten about or have grass/other plants grow around it, hiding it from plain view. This presents a fairly serious tripping hazard. Kids, in particular, tend to not pay a huge amount of attention to their surroundings, especially when distracted. Running into a stump can cause serious injury and it’s best to avoid this by having the stump removed completely.

Pests / Infestations

Dead and rotting wood can attract a variety of pests and insects like beetles, termites and ants. The stump can provide a perfect environment for these insects to grow in size and numbers and they’ll eventually have to move onto another nearby source, which will most likely be your home. Rotting wood also provides a perfect place for fungi to grow and diseases to develop. These can then spread to the rest of your garden and cause serious damage. While removing the tree works for some pests, the stump can still harbour some destructive critters and should be removed.


Cutting the tree down doesn’t necessarily stop the tree from growing. New shoots can sprout from the base, taking time and money to remove completely. These new shoots also leech nutrients and moisture from the ground, potentially causing nearby plantlife to suffer as a consequence. Roots below the surface can also continue to grow and cause further destruction.

Damage to Lawnmower

Anyone who has mowed their lawn more than a handful of times has probably run over something they’re not supposed to at some point. Apart from the awful noise it makes, it can also cause serious damage to the mower and result in a lot of money spent on repairs or replacement. Leaving a stump and its roots increases the risk of this happening. Avoid this by having A1 Sure Services provide their stump grinding/removal service.


To put it simply, tree stumps are pretty darn ugly. Spending hours on having your garden looking immaculate is all well and good, but if you have a big rotting stump in the middle of it, it kind of undermines all of that effort. If you’ve already had the tree removal done then removing the stump completely will allow you to plant something of your choice in its place.

Land Clearance

If you’re clearing your land to replant or pave over, then completely removing the stumps of trees is necessary. At A1 Sure Services we can provide both land clearing services and stump removal services at competitive rates. Our range of specialised equipment will remove your ugly tree stumps so you can replant, re-turf or even build over that very space.

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