Fireplaces are a great way to keep cosy this winter, but after a long winter, you get left with a ton of firewood ash. In this article, we will discuss some of the weird and wonderful ways you can use it!

Here at A1 Sure Services, we offer premium firewood in Auckland guaranteed to burn. Wood ash is the powdery remains of firewood that is leftover in the collection tray or under the grate. Often this gets placed in the bin after use. However, it can actually be used for multiple household and hygiene purposes.

Uses for firewood ash

First of all, it is important to note that the ash must be fully dry and placed in a metal bucket once taken out of the fireplace. This ensures that it will not catch anything on fire. Rich in important minerals such as calcium carbonate and potassium, there are many ways it can be re-used. Here are the top ways you can make use of the ash.

Everyday household uses: 

  • Use it in your garden – Adding the ash to your garden can naturally increase the ph of your soil. Making it more alkaline, which is beneficial for a large range of plants including lavender. Ensure you know the starting ph of your soil and what your plants like best. It is also a great barrier for slugs and snails.
  • Reduce odours – Ash is great for naturally reducing odours. Whether you have a smelly pet that has been rolling around in things they shouldn’t or you have a household issue.
  • Make soap! – You wouldn’t believe it, but ash can be a powerful soap ingredient for the DIY up-cycling extraordinaire. Combine it with a mixture of rainwater and coconut oil or lard and you have a handy bar of soap.
  • Shine silver – A mild abrasive ingredient, mix with a small amount of water and you can polish your finest silver.
  • Clean the glass on your fireplace – Ash can be used to clean the black residue on your glass. Simply dip a damp cloth or newspaper in the ash and scrub in a circular motion.
  • Dehumidify in a pinch – Wood ash is hygroscopic, which means it is great at absorbing water and moisture. Place a tray out or in your wardrobe if you are wanting a quick fix for damp air. It will absorb all the excess moisture until you have time to fix the issue. It can even be used to de-ice your driveway. 

To ensure you are getting the best results, it is essential that you use only wood ash. Anything covered in fuel (e.g lighter fluid) or preservatives can have potential adverse effects. It is also really important that you regularly clean your fireplace. Only use the highest quality wood sourced from A1 Sure Services.

These are just some of the great ways you can re-use your ash. 

Where do you buy firewood in Auckland?

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