The wintery weather has set in and now is the time to start inspecting your trees to avoid emergency tree removal in Auckland. High winds and heavy rain can cause branches to break off and trees to fall. This can cause significant damage to the surroundings. 

It is important to check your trees before and after winter and note any changes that have occurred, rectifying any potential issues. In this article, we will discuss what signs to look out for, why you may need a professional arborist and why you may need emergency tree removal.

The signs to look out for:

Many are not aware their tree needs removing until it is too late. However, there are many signs a tree can give you that indicate it may need to be removed or pruned. This can prevent the tree from causing any significant damage and requiring emergency tree removal. 

Here are the main things to look out for:

  • Decay or rotting – This can be a sign that your tree is becoming damaged from the inside and the structural integrity of the tree is being compromised. 
  • Overextended branches – These branches are horizontal or downward-facing. Foliage is often concentrated near the end of the branch. This can create significant weight on the branch and cause the branches to fall or break. 
  • Cavities – Holes in the tree can create significant weaknesses in the tree and can collapse. Depending on the location of the cavity, A1 Sure Services can engage in tree removal in the North Shore, Central Auckland, West Auckland, East Auckland and South Auckland.
  • Restricted root zone – This can occur when a tree is placed in a location where its roots cannot grow enough due to limited space. The roots can therefore no longer hold the tree. High levels of soil saturation and wind can cause the entire tree to topple. 
  • Sharp bends – These often occur from poor pruning in the past. Sharp bends are naturally weaker and more likely to fall. 
  • Cracks – It goes without saying that cracks can become a significant problem. These cracks can only grow and cause further damage to the tree. 
  • Pests – Insects and pests can cause extensive damage to the tree. Depending on the progression, the pest should be treated or the tree removed to avoid infecting surrounding plants.

Why use a professional arborist in Auckland? 

Tree removal and tree trimming in Auckland can be a difficult task. It requires a professional with the skills, experience and tools. Depending on the size of the tree, branches can be exceedingly heavy causing serious injury or even death. 

With A1 Sure Services, we have extensive experience in landscaping having been in operation for 20 years. Our adept team are expert climbers and can scale almost any tree, utilise highly skilled equipment, safely manoeuvre specialised equipment and identify any risks associated. 

This is especially important for trees that are in close proximity to power lines or houses. 

When to call for emergency tree removal  

Emergency tree removal is always the last resort. Preventative maintenance should always be preferred. However, if you are in need of professional tree removal in the West Auckland, North Shore or Auckland-wide region – then get in touch with A1 Sure Services. 

Here are the main reasons to call a qualified arborist for emergency tree removal:

  • If a tree or branch has fallen on your home, garage or car.
  • A fallen tree is blocking your driveway.
  • If a tree or branch has cracked or hanging dangerously and likely to fall on your home, garage or car. 
  • You have a dead or hazardous tree that is likely to fall.

This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, get in touch with the team you can trust. 

A1 Sure Services

A1 Sure Services, no job is too big or too small. As a family-run business with over 20 years of arborist experience, we provide high-quality and affordable tree care services to residential and commercial clients, Auckland-Wide. 

We have public liability cover of up to $2,000,000, providing you with total peace of mind. 

Our services include tree removal, tree felling, land clearing, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, stump removal and emergency tree services. We also offer a free on-site inspection typically within 48 hours of enquiry and highly competitive pricing every single time. 

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