When you’re looking to make the most of your outdoors, tree removal may seem like the obvious choice for creating a family fun zone. But it’s not the only option! Tree swings, houses, and other activities can transform your outdoors in creative, exciting ways that landscaping just can’t achieve.

Tree Swings

Tree swings seem to be simple to make and put on your tree. All you need is rope or chains and a seat, right? Well, its a little bit more complicated than that. You can try to just jump in and swing a rope over a branch but slowing down and considering your options is the best method.

Finding the right tree is important to make it work; the branch needs to be strong enough and you want to be sure there’s enough room. Cutting away the smaller branches makes it easier to navigate hanging the swing. You can use an old tire or make your own seat, and connect it to the rope or chains. You’ll soon be off swinging around in no time.

Tree Houses

The best thing about tree houses, aside from hanging out in a tree, is that they’re all unique. Each one has their own flavour to it, and you can make a design that best fits the wants of your family. You can model the tree house from what you’ve seen on TV, find designs you like online or come up with your own ideas.

If you’re not experienced building tree houses, you can always call for help. Creating your own tree house is the perfect way to spend time with the family, especially when you’re building it together.

Tree Decorations

During the Christmas break, decorating the backyard tree is a fun way to enjoy the season. Even if you have a designated tree your family decorates every year, there are some great ideas online for decorating trees that look good throughout the year. You can even paint a tree to make it stand out, or nail in personalised decorations as a way to showcase the unique charms of your family.

There are endless possibilities that will make your yard look unique. Carving something into the tree can last a long time, so maybe you can carve something unique to turn your tree into artwork. If you have any fun or innovative ideas you want to try out on your trees, A-1 Sure Services can help you with any questions.