Thee Old Autumn Clean Up

Commonly called putting your garden to bed for the winter – as we start to move into the colder months it’s important to know how to properly look after your garden and put some pre-emptive measures in place to protect your precious greenery.

Lay fresh mulch

The summer mulch you laid around those newly planted trees and shrubs will need to be re-done as they become more heavily reliant on soil nutrients and surrounding moisture than ever.

You can see it as a thick winter layer, designed to protect the soil and plants over the next few months. Also for drought-prone areas, this helps slow moisture loss – meaning your plants and shrubbery stay happy and healthy longer.

Inspect your trees

Make sure your trees are in a manageable state going into winter. Remove any broken limbs, by making a clean cut close to the trunk and continue to water them during autumn – keeping them adequately moist for the winter months ahead. During winter, water them every three to four weeks (regardless of rainfall).

Rake your leaves so they don’t smother the yard

Or mow the lawn right before the winter months and use the leaves as mulch for flower and shrub beds.

Pick up fallen fruit, cut back perennials

This will not only give a neater appearance but may deter rodents and pests from moving in.

Not all plants need autumnal pruning

Leave the ornamental grasses and thick stemmed plants such as Russian sage, taller sedums and mums to themselves. If you have some space and don’t have neighbours too close to your grounds, start a compost pile.

Autumn leaves mix well with your green kitchen scraps

Most people don’t realise that the mixture of green and brown materials speeds up the composting process. Make sure you use NO dairy products or meat though as they attract rodents.

Lawn Care

Reseed bare spots as it is easier to regrow with the autumn rains. A common tip includes roughing up the surface a bit to loosen the soil before sprinkling seeds and covering lightly with straw or mulch to prevent pesky birds. Keep watered well.

Tree Care and Branches

Branches are more susceptible to breakage in the winter months. Especially deciduous trees as the wood harden and become more brittle thus vulnerable to wind damage. So, minimising breakages through pruning weak and vulnerable branches falls on good autumn maintenance.

Here’s a winter check-list for you:

  • Maintain good tree care throughout the year, promptly treat any damage you see.
  • Prune your trees only after they’ve entered dormancy.
  • If you’re thinking about fertilizing your trees and shrubs – particularly the new ones, use a fertilizer that promotes root growth over leaf growth.
  • Lay a thick layer of mulch around the tree to help with moisture loss and temperature fluctuations.
  • When spring comes around, do an inspection. Prune any damaged limbs and branches.

Lastly, be sure to wrap up, keep warm and make lots of s’mores and hot chocolate! 😉

Till next time!

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