Tree removal and tree care is popular in Spring. Everyone is excited because the days are getting longer, the weather warmer and our gardens are coming back to life. Now is the perfect time for our Auckland and North Shore customers to get out and put some TLC into their trees and garden so they can thrive in the following months. 

Here are a few tips for Auckland and North Shore tree work/removal/care for springtime.

Spring Clean – It’s a great time to grab the rake and remove any leaves and debris that may have accumulated. It’s important to get rid of these as they can facilitate the growth of fungi and encourage the spread of disease between trees. Collect it all together and get rid of it.

Damage Inspection – Winter brings harsh weather and can cause moderate to serious damage to your trees and garden. Now is the time to inspect your plants closely to ensure they haven’t sustained any serious physical injuries. If you notice anything unusual we advise you contact a professional arborist, like A1 Sure Services, to determine the best course of action. We offer high-quality tree care services and tree removal North Shore / Auckland wide. 

Check For Pests/Disease – While inspecting for any damage, do a pest/disease check as well. Do some research on which pests and diseases affect which trees in your area and find out the signs to watch for. Left unchecked, they can quickly get out of control and cause serious, irreversible damage to your beloved trees and plants. 

Trim Your Trees –  Winter is generally the best time to prune your trees, but if you didn’t get a chance to, then it can also be done in early Spring to encourage new growth. For difficult and advanced work call A1 Sure Services, we can provide expert tree services North Shore / Auckland wide. 

Mulch Your Garden – Mulching is a hugely important part of maintaining a healthy garden that can often be overlooked. It’s used to halt the growth of weeds and maintain moisture. Note: Don’t lay the mulch directly against the tree base, this can cause fungal growth, instead leave an inch or two clear around the base of the trunk. 

Plant New Trees – While spring is a great time to look after your current trees, it’s also a perfect time to plant new ones! Jump on Google and see which ones are best to plant this time of your for your local climate conditions and plant away! When planting new trees always be aware of potential hazards such as underground utilities, overhead obstructions like power lines, and trunk flare.

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