There’s no doubt that tree pruning can improve the appearance of your garden, as tree arborists can turn even the most overgrown yards into a well-kept landscaping area. However, there’s one issue that few people think about when it comes to tree arboring – what to do with the leftover leaves, branches, and trunks. Especially if you’re undertaking a large tree removal project, you can be left with a large pile of green waste taking up space in your yard. Thankfully, there are several options when it comes to disposing of this waste:

Rent a chipper

If you are willing to put in the effort, you can actually get a lot out of the extra branches and trunks that you have left over after an Auckland arborist takes care of your trees. That’s because when broken down, green waste can be very helpful as mulch to insulate your plants and help them grow. Furthermore, re-using your yard waste in this way is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than throwing it away. You can do this by renting a wood chipper from a local agency; just make sure that you know how to use it (or ask someone first) so that you stay safe at all times.

Bring it to a disposal center

For those who want to dispose of their green waste in a responsible way, there are plenty of disposal sites that will take in your extra branches and trunks and recycle them sustainably. For example, your local EcoDrop takes green matter for a small fee and pass it off to an independent processor that converts it into compost. Tree aboring leftovers such as branches, leaves, shrub and hedge trimmings, rose prunings and lawn clippings are all accepted.

Arrange a pickup after tree arboring

If you don’t want to have to deal with driving your yard waste to a disposal center yourself, you can call a service company to pick it up for you. A1 Sure Services can take care of removal and disposal so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new yard without having to personally take care of cleaning it up. We have specialized equipment to remove tree stumps as well as large branches and trunks that you may not be able to fit into a regular vehicle.